6 Benefits of Caffeine… in Your Skincare Regimen?

6 Benefits of Caffeine in Skincare

Coffee and tea drinkers are clued in to the benefits of caffeine. Many of us start our day with a boost from our favorite cuppa. But find out what this morning mainstay can do for your skin.

Coffee is said to protect against diabetes, certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and may also reduce UV damage. That is a pretty hearty list of health benefits. It may even help boost your workout performance.

Now caffeine is being added to skincare for its anti-aging benefits. Caffeine from coffee bean extract, black tea, and green tea are all used in moisturizers and skin treatments. But can this everyday energy enhancer do more for skin than smooth wrinkles?

I recently had the opportunity to quiz Bree Johnson, founder of Frank Body (a line of all natural, caffeinated beauty products) on what makes caffeine in skincare so special:

Liz Thompson: How does caffeine benefit skin? Is it just for face (anti-aging) or does it have benefits for body too?

Bree Johnson: Coffee is great for the skin for 3 reasons; 1) Caffeine stimulates blood flow – which can aid collagen production and help to target a range of skin conditions, 2) Coffee has the same pH as your skin – so it won’t damage or dry it out, 3) Coffee is high in antioxidants – which target the free-radicals that cause many skin imperfections.

LT: Which skin conditions benefit from using caffeine/coffee topically?

BJ: We’ve been blown away at the feedback we’ve received from customers showing us the benefits that Frank Body has had on a range of skin conditions including cellulite, stretch marks, scarring, psoriaris, acne and, of course, dry skin.

LT: Which of your products contain caffeine? Who should use them and how?

BJ: From freshly roasted Robusta coffee to coffee bean extract; all of our products contain coffee in one form or another. We believe skincare should be simple, as such we’ve developed a concise and considered range which includes 4 body scrubs, 2 body moisturizers, and a face range consisting of a creamy face cleanser, creamy face scrub and an everyday face moisturizer. Each product starts with a signature coffee base and is then specifically formulated to rejuvenate and hydrate while targeting a range of skin conditions. We use active, natural ingredients to ensure all our products are gentle enough for sensitive skin and targeted enough for those with specific skin concerns.

6 Benefits of Caffeine in Skincare You Need to Know

1. Anti-aging powerhouse: Yes, as we said above, caffeine is used as an anti-aging ingredient in skincare. Antioxidants make it a potent free radical fighter, protecting skin against premature aging. Caffeine also draws excess fluids out of cells, creating a tightening and toning effect. Leading dermatologist, Dr. Judith Hellman, says, “Caffeine’s properties enhance other antioxidant ingredients such as green tea, white tea and resveratrol, providing a boost to those ingredients which neutralize free radicals and improve the texture of the skin”. Try One Love Organics Morning Glory Caffeinated Firming Serum.

2. Rosacea remedy: Didn’t think of this souped-up ingredient as a skin calmer? Caffeine constricts small blood vessels and improves circulation, helping to reduce redness. Try 100% Pure Caffeine Mask.

3. Inflammation fighter: Caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm swelling and redness. Good for acne and other inflammatory skin issues. Try Aster & Bay Green Glow Mask.

4. UV damage control: Caffeine has been shown to reverse UV damage. If you have dark spots, redness or wrinkles due to sun exposure, this ingredient may be a helpful alternative. Try Odacite Green Tea Lemongrass Serum Concentrate.

5. Racoon eye wrangler: Those circulation boosting properties of caffeine? They come in handy for brightening dark under eye circles too. Try 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

6. Cellulite squelcher: Have hail damage? Who doesn’t?! Caffeine has the ability to draw water out of fatty cells, diminishing the appearance of cellulite. Try Frank Body Cream.

Didn’t know caffeine was such a team player? Now you have six new reasons to indulge yourself (and your skin!).

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