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7 Ways to Guarantee Your Morning Routine Seriously Rocks

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We all understand the importance of a morning routine, but no matter how much we enjoy the one we’ve created, there’s always room for improvement. Mine constantly evolves thanks to the strategies below.

Here are 7 ways to guarantee yourself a slump-free morning:

1. Download the HabitClock app

HabitClock is a free iPhone app that helps you accomplish your morning routine with ease. Setup the order of your morning routine, and as soon as your alarm goes off the app gets to work. It's the perfect partner in crime for combating those especially bad habits you’re struggling to shake.

2. Get a head start

Prepare for your morning routine the night before. Choose what you’re going to wear – right down to the accessories. Lay out your workout gear too if exercise is part of your a.m. pick-me-up. Program your coffee maker to brew at a certain time. Set the book you want to read beside your coffee cup. Take care of the details so things go smoothly the next day.

3. Prep your kitchen

There’s nothing better than a tidy kitchen to start the day. Seriously, who likes waking up to last night’s dinner dishes? You’ll be that much more inclined to make yourself an amazing breakfast or your fave smoothie when you can actually see your counter. Try prepping your food the night before so you can spend less time cooking and more time doing what you love.

4. Choose a soothing alarm tone

When your alarm jolts you awake, it puts your body into an anxiety-stricken state (not cool). Find an alarm sound you can tolerate – particularly, a sound effect that makes you happy. I used to have an alarm clock that sounded like a squealing pig, a la "Gilmore Girls". I mean, who could get mad at a pig?

5. Don’t do things you don’t want to do

The whole point to getting up earlier isn’t so you can jump right into responsibility mode – it’s so you can take time out to enjoy things you wouldn’t have time for otherwise: Reading an entire chapter of a book interruption-free, writing, completing an intense yoga session. Anything goes, as long as it’s the ultimate “me time” experience.

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6. Remain flexible

You don’t want to have an army sergeant approach to your morning routine – you’re more likely to sabotage yourself that way (trust me). Remain open to how you’d like to structure your morning, and consistently tweak it until it’s just right. Forcing yourself to do things because you don’t want to feel like a quitter is counterproductive to your goal. When you drop something from your morning routine, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed – it means you’ve evolved.

7. Seek out inspiration

My Morning Routine is a fairly new blog where people share what their morning routine consists of as a way to inspire others to create and improve their own. If you’re looking to make changes or are in a slump with your a.m. regime, chances are you’ll find a dose of inspiration here.

What’s your favorite part of your morning routine?

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