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Brooke Rewa, Founder of First-Ever Cryotherapy-Slash-Juicery, Shares the Easiest Healthy Cooking Hack (Ever)

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Brooke Rewa of Renew Juicery

image via Brooke Rewa

Brooke Rewa founded Renew Juicery in up-and-coming wellness mecca Culver City where Angelenos flock to drink her insanely delicious juices and smoothies (her Green Maca Mylkshake is the healthiest alternative to Red Bull ever to exist).

Fueled by her passion for adaptogens, she also offers accessible powders like bee pollen for your pantry and her own medicinal herb-infused skincare line. And let's not forget her cryotherapy chamber (a.k.a. a "freezer" you step into that offer anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties). We talked to Brooke to learn all about her wellness tips and how she manages to radiate health despite her extremely busy schedule, recent engagement, and being mama to a baby furry boy!

Organic Authority: Tell us about Renew Juicery! What is the ultimate benefit for your customers?

Brooke Rewa: Renew Juicery was definitely born out of my passion for the health benefits of true nutrition. When we create a product, we start with how to make that product nutritionally effective and work back from there. Everything we do is organic and made with the highest integrity. I'm very particular about what I consume (sometimes to an obnoxious degree) and would never put out a product that I wouldn't eat, drink, or use myself. I think this sets us apart from many companies whose number-one priority might be profits and growth Our priorities are quality, integrity, and purpose.

OA: Is there a food you’ve decided to remove from your life entirely? What’s the difference you see and feel?

BR: Cane sugar! I really try not to have anything that is made with cane sugar. I can feel the negative effects from it pretty quickly. The other day, I accidentally had half a scoop of vegan ice cream made with cane and it triggered a migraine and kept me up all night. It just causes so much inflammation in our bodies and for me I see it on my skin in the form of wrinkles, breakouts, and dry skin. Preserving youthful skin is certainly enough of a reason for me to ditch cane sugar!

OA: Do you have any unusual or uncommon habits for the sake of health and wellness?

BR: Many. And they are always changing and evolving. I drink salt water in the morning to detox. Use a jade roller on my face and neck at night, which helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. Do cryotherapy several times a week Take CBD (cannabidiol, a compound of cannabis) regularly to fight inflammation and migraines. The list could go on....

OA: Please describe your average morning.

BR: I absolutely never skip my glass of salt water followed by five to 20 minutes of whatever yoga flow/stretching I'm feeling. On an ideal morning, I would also do 20 minutes of meditation and make the most loaded smoothie or smoothie bowl possible with a warm matcha latte (loaded with my favorite adaptogens) on the side.

OA: What is are the wellness/beauty products you splurge on—no matter what?

BR: I'm lucky that I've turned a lot of my favorite wellness/beauty products into a business. I couldn't live without juice. And I'm obsessed with every single product in our new Superfood Beauty line. I also splurge on:

Pratima Skincare Eye Ghee: You cannot age if you use this stuff. I swear!

Nucifera The Balm: Such a great combination of ingredients. I use it on my face, hands, feet. It feels so luxurious and nourishing.

Fresh flowers for my house: They make me happy.

Keetsa Organic Mattress: Sleep is so important to me and I don't want to be breathing in nasty chemicals for eight hours every night.

OA: What's your natural pick-me-up for the inevitable 3pm energy crash?

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From the Organic Authority Files

BR: Juice. Always. I don't do coffee as it has never made me feel well and I hate the crash. I find juice (especially beet juice) so much more effective! If I'm feeling extra tired I'll add in some kind of treat made with cacao. It's great to help clear the afternoon brain fog as well.

OA: Do you do anything unique or unexpected to maintain radiant skin? This could be a ritual or ingredient or product.

BR: Pearl powder and astragalus are my secret weapons for radiant skin. I add them to everything I eat and also use them topically.

OA: Do you have a healthy cooking hack you can share?

BR: I add medicinal herbs and adaptogens to almost every meal! If you buy them in powder form they're super easy to sprinkle into and onto everything. On really lazy mornings I have toast sprinkled with astragalus, cordyceps, and bee pollen.

OA: What's your honest opinion on exercise? What is your favorite, most motivating workout?

BR: I think exercise is great. The level we tend to take working out to is a bit much in my opinion. I don't understand Crossfit. It seems so rough on the body. I love yoga. But doing it as a workout isn't enough of a motivation for me. I'm usually motivated by the peace, mental clarity, and grounding I feel from a yoga class. The toning and sculpting are just side benefits.

OA: What’s the best piece of health/wellness advice you’ve ever received? From who?

BR: Play. Have fun. This is going to seem very odd but this message came across very clearly from my deceased grandmother in a dream at a time when I was incredibly stressed about the business. It was exactly what I needed to hear from one of the few people who could make me listen. I try to remind myself of this regularly. Stress can be so detrimental to our health and we need to know it's okay to have fun with life and business and not always take everything so seriously.

OA: What is your mantra / words you live by?

BR: No Bad Days. I'm healthy, I'm loved, I'm supported. Everything else is minor when you have those things.

OA: For many people who begin to make the shift to healthy living, old habits die hard but small steps make a huge difference. What’s one small step you’d recommend?

BR: I would say never use the word FOREVER. When we tell ourselves we are cutting something out of our diet forever we tend to cling to it even harder. Start with giving it up for a week. And then if you're feeling good add on another week. And so on.

OA: If you could be remembered by once piece of advice for generations to come, what would that be?

BR: Do something that bring so much meaning to your life and to others that there is no denying you are following your true path. From there everything else will fall into place.

OA: Anything else cool you want to share?

BR: My biggest message is the real need for people to take control of their own health. Educate yourself on what does and doesn't work for your body. Read labels. Ask questions about the food your buying. Don't make assumptions. Be empowered.

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