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Could Organic Foods Save Our Health?

I don’t eat meat. So I can swear up and down about the power of veggies. Plant nutrients protect against cancer and heart disease, fiber promotes weight-loss and other things scientists have yet to figure out.


And now, new research suggests organic foods may reverse our country’s health misfortunes, like slowing the aging process and limiting pesticide exposure.

Here are some bullet points from the Organic Center’s report, Organic Food and a Healthier Future:

  • Organic foods promote healthy patterns of cell division and differentiation, and lay the groundwork for normal endocrine system regulation of blood sugars, lipids, energy intake, and immune system functions.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Establish and help sustain taste-based preferences in the child for familiar nutrient-dense, flavorful foods.
  • Largely eliminate dietary exposures to approximately 180 pesticides known to disrupt the development or functioning of the endocrine system.
  • Possibly helping to trigger or reinforce a sense of satiety, or fullness, thereby reducing excessive caloric intake.
  • Lessening or limiting the cellular and genetic damage done by reactive oxygen species (so-called free radicals), and in this way reducing the risk of diabetes and other diseases rooted in inflammation (arthritis, cardiovascular disease) and rapid cell growth (cancer).
  • Slowing, and perhaps even reversing certain neurological aspects of the aging process, leading to better memory and retention of cognitive skills.

Via TreeHugger.

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