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DIY: Dealing With Dull Hair for Under $5


As Autumn marks the transition from warmer weather into the cooler months ahead, I don't know about you, but those katabatic winds that start blowing through and thermostats getting perpetually turned rightward, what happens is: my hair gets lifeless, limp, dull and completely unmanageable.

Well, this year, let's take drab into our own hands. Before the wiles of fall and winter even have a chance to take their toll on our lovely locks, here are a few ways for under five dollars to keep the fall forces at bay.

An organic, free-range egg from your local farmers market is rich with proteins and nutrients to help straighten your hair follicles, adding volume, shine and texture. On a weekly basis, all you have to do is beat up one or two eggs (depending on the length of your strands) and massage it in. Let the egg impart its goodness for fifteen minutes before rinsing out in cool or lukewarm water (hot water can partially cook the egg, which we want to avoid). And then shampoo as usual.


A weekly rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar can do wonders, removing all build up from your hair and imparting a luster that doesn't lack. Use ½ cup vinegar diluted with ½ half cup water, pouring the mixture onto your head after you've shampooed (and rinsed). Let it sit about a minute before rinsing. If you're a bit wary of an odor remaining, you can shampoo again, but make sure you're using a natural shampoo without drying chemicals.

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From the Organic Authority Files


For an amazing all-natural conditioner, massage a mashed avocadointo wet hair, let it seep in for 15 minutes, and then rinse it out. Avocados contain more than 25 essential nutrients and vitamins which help hair regain its nutrition, elasticity, shine and body.


You will be shocked at how shiny and silky a little coconut oil will make your hair. I like to apply it to the ends of my hair when it's wet (but not dripping). Use your fingertips (added bonus: it's also a great moisturizer for the skin), starting at the tips and working the coconut oil up about half way the hair's length. Be sure not to overdo it.


Last note: Sometimes the external appearance of our hair is actually a reflection of an internal imbalance. It's worth considering whether you have enough healthy fats - like avocado and coconut - in your diet. 

image: Nicholas Kennedy Sitton

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