Exercising at Home: Stream the 5 Best Online Workout Videos


Let’s face it: the gym isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re an introvert or a homebody. Perhaps you don’t want to spend the money, or sign up for a lengthy contract. Maybe it’s just inconvenient. Whatever the reason, you have plenty of options for exercising at home that don’t involve the gym and can be done in the privacy of your living room. While getting into the Great Outdoors is usually a lovely way to work out, during the hot and/or smoggy days of summer, you might rather stay inside.

Streaming workouts are perfect for people who want to try some of the same trendy classes offered at the gym, but do their exercising at home. Most cost around $10 per month and are updated all the time. Try the following online workouts to see which fits your fitness goals the best.

1. Udaya – Most yoga videos don’t give enough instruction, and you can hurt yourself if you don’t do the poses right. Not Udaya. For $12 each month, this workout rivals in-person yoga classes and features pre-pose instruction for difficult poses. Workouts range in length from five minutes to one hour, and you can choose your workout based on difficulty level. Enjoy unlimited access to the library of HD yoga classes.

2. Crunch Live – Do you get bored with working out if you don’t switch things up often? This online class ($10 per month with free trial period) offers offbeat classes that help to make fitness fun. Try classes like Gospel House Aerobics, Urban Attitude, Yoga Body Sculpt and Fat Burning Pilates. Crunch is a national chain of gyms that was one of the first to offer its classes in a digital format.

3. Booya Fitness – Try the trendiest new exercise classes in the comfort of your home. Every month, Booya features seven videos, one for each day of the week. Get unlimited access to the 30-minute for $10 per month. Most workouts do not require any equipment, and need only the space of a yoga mat. Booya is perfect for urban dwellers that want to sample the latest exercise classes like Cardio Kick Box and Warrior Fight Club. Classes fall under four main categories: yoga, cardio, boot camp and strength/toning.

4. MoveMeFit – Get together online with a friend for this unique workout program, which allows you to split the screen with someone in another location. All you need is a webcam, and you’ll enjoy additional motivation. It’s ideal for those who need the accountability that a trainer or class instructor provides. MoveMeFit costs $9 per month and offers more than 300 workouts that can be searched based on your fitness goals.

5. Cross Train – For serious athletes, this hard-core program feature a diverse array of workouts that will test your stamina and strength. Cross Train costs $19 and offers a seven-day free trial. It features workouts with kettle bells and bodyweights, plus an additional section on nutrition with healthy recipes and meal plans for you to try.

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