Facial Exercises: Facial Yoga is Your Non-Surgical Pass to Anti-Aging Bliss


After awhile, we could all use a little facelift. No, not the surgical kind – the completely safe, natural, DIY kind that requires you to perform a few silly facial exercises that just happen to firm, lift and tone wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. Call it “facial yoga”, if you will. There are 42 different muscles in the face and if you work them well, you can strengthen them, ultimately giving more definition, contour and resilience to your complexion. Here are three basic facial exercises that target different areas of the face and will leave you able to put your freshest face forward.

By engaging in a few facial exercises, you both strengthen the muscles in your face as well as boost blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach skin cells. This results in glowing skin with fewer toxins and a better ability to absorb water. The following facial exercises are also able to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, leaving your skin smoother, suppler and tighter.

1. For a smoother brow

Do you squint your forehead when expressing a range of emotions, such as confusion, laughter or anger? Some people center their tension in their forehead, causing lines that only intensify with age.

Place your fingertips on your forehead so that fingers of opposite hands are facing each other, with the index fingers at the hairline and the pinky fingers just above the eyebrow. Bring the fingers close together, at the center of the forehead. Apply a light pressure and then pull hands away from one another, allowing the fingers to sweep across the width of the forehead. Repeat 10 more times, always starting at the center.

2. For an eyebrow lift

If your eyes are beginning to slump inward or your eyelids are drooping, you may way to try this out. First, place an index finger under each eye, pointing towards the nose. Roll your lips over your teeth, as if to hide them, and keep your mouth slightly open. Look up towards the ceiling and, while holding your gaze, flutter your upper eyelids. Continue for 30 seconds, rest and then repeat.

3. For tighter neck skin

Look straight ahead and place fingertips at the bottom of your neck. Tilt your head back, jutting your lower lip out as far as possible, creating a frown. Use your fingertips to lightly stroke the neck skin downwards as the head stays tilted. Bring the head back to its forward-looking position and repeat 2-3 more times.

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