Good Hair Days: Using Hair Analysis for Better Health

Good Hair Days: Using Hair Analysis for Better Health

Your hair tells you things every day. If it is too dry, too oily, needs some added oomph. But what if hair analysis could shed some light on your health?

It is true. You can have your hair tested to get a better picture as to the health of your body.

Certain aspects of our health are detected through hair analysis, like heavy metals, nutrient imbalances, and stressors. Knowing this can help you get to the bottom of ailments and ensure you are living your healthiest life.

I interviewed Michele Periquet, co-founder of Reset Yourself, to get the details on this practice. Let’s take a closer look at how hair analysis is performed and what, exactly it can show us.

Hair Analysis: An Interview with Reset Yourself Co-Founder Michele Periquet

Liz Thompson: You use hair analysis to get a picture of a person’s health. How does the process work?

Michele Periquet: Reset Hair Analysis is an effective, non-invasive and stable (requires no special handling) screening tool that helps you discover your unique body chemistry. This knowledge gives you power and makes you more mindful of what you put in and on your body. It also makes you more in tune with your own body.

The process is fairly simple. Order the Reset Hair Analysis and the Hair Sampling Kit will be sent to you by mail. Get immediate access to the Reset Yourself Online Client Portal where you will find instructions on how to do the hair sampling and a how-to-video. You will also find helpful tips and tools so you can begin to lay a healthy foundation even before you receive your personalized plan based on your results. Send in your hair sample and allow 2-3 weeks for lab processing. When your results are ready, you will be able to access your results on your online account page.

You will then receive a 15 minute phone consultation with a Reset Specialist who will go over your results. We guide you on how to properly use these results to make the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle, to experience real, lasting improvement.

Note: Your My Personal Reset page will not only have your unique results, but also targeted nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, meal plan guidelines, recipes, and powerful detox protocols based specifically on your results. In this page you will also be able to place nutritional supplements orders and chart your progress (which many of our clients are eager to do when they do a hair analysis retest several months after their first hair test).

LT: What can you determine from the hair?

MP: With the Reset Hair Analysis we focus on finding your “blueprint”, or map, of what your body needs to rebuild and return to its best, most vital self. Your blueprint unlocks the secrets to helping your body restore itself by examining what minerals and nutrients might exceed optimal levels and which your body may be lacking.

Minerals are involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body, and without enzyme activity, life ceases to exist! The body deposits minerals into the hair in different amounts depending on what is occurring with your metabolism. With our hair test you are not getting a “one-size fits all” approach. Once we see exactly how your metabolism is functioning, we know what nutrients you need to optimize energy and jump-start your own inherent healing mechanisms. You will receive precise recommendations that are as unique as your own biochemical individuality.

The Reset Hair Analysis determines:

  • your metabolic type (oxidation rate)
  • current nutrient & mineral imbalances and deficiencies
  • levels of nutrient minerals actually reaching your cells
  • levels of heavy metals in your body
  • carbohydrate tolerance
  • stage of stress
  • emotional tendencies and stressors

LT: What solutions do you recommend?

MP: This all depends on your results. As previously mentioned, since every “body” is unique, what may work wonderfully for one person, may be detrimental to another. That’s why it’s key to discover what works specifically for YOU.

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