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Heart Attack Grill Lives Up to Its Name... Again


For the second time in two months, a customer has collapsed at the sensational Las Vegas restaurant, Heart Attack Grill, helping the controversial establishment live up to its name.

The most recent incident involved a Las Vegas-based woman in her forties who was eating the restaurant's signature Double Bypass Burger, smoking a cigarette and drinking a margarita moments before she fell unconscious in the restaurant last week. The Double Bypass Burger includes two half-pound burger patties and bacon. Whether she had a heart attack or not has not yet been confirmed.

And two months ago, a customer eating the restaurant's Triple Bypass Burger had an actual heart attack in the restaurant and was rushed to the hospital.

From the Organic Authority Files

It's unlikely that either customer would be able to successfully sue the restaurant for any financial assistance in paying their medical bills as signs posted in the establishment warn customers that the restaurant is "Bad for Your Health," which owner Jon Basso told the LA Times, "I think that skirts any liability we might have."

Notoriously recognized for its Guinness World Record holding Quadruple Bypass Burger that boasts some 10,000 calories, the establishment is a Vegas attraction, drawing customers undeterred by the extreme portion sizes.

While there's no evidence that eating a greasy meal can actually trigger a heart attack in the moments during the meal, Heart Attack Grill has been singled-out as the poster-child for the health issues plaguing the nation as 1/3 of American adults now suffer from obesity and obesity-related illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

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