Holistic Sex Coach Kim Anami’s ‘5 Laws of Orgasms’

Holistic Sex Coach Kim Anami’s ‘5 Laws of Orgasms’

Kim Anami, holistic sex and relationship coach, is best known for her mind-boggling ability to lift objects—surfboards and chandeliers are two—with her vagina. (She inserts a jade egg, which is fastened to a string attached to the item of choice.) But she doesn’t do it for the shock factor, though it certainly inspires some jaw dropping. Anami, who’s online school offers salons such as Vaginal Kung Fu, Sexual Mastery for Men, and Coming Together for Couples, doesn’t think her vaginal prowess should be inconceivable. In fact, all women can lift with their vagina and maintain a sky-high libidoand achieve multiple, g-spot-sourced orgasms. Every. Single. Day. We got the scoop on Anami’s does what many consider the impossible (along with her famed 5 Laws of Orgasms).

Organic Authority: You live by your 5 Laws of Orgasms. Let’s talk about each. First is: “Every woman, every orgasm.” What do you mean by this?

Kim Anami: Every woman is capable of having every type of orgasm: clitoral, G-Spot, cervical, ejaculatory. I guarantee it.

OA: Second rule: “One is never enough.” This probably sounds daunting for a lot of women considering many don’t’ even have one period. Why are multiple orgasms so important?

KA: The more the merrier. Prior to contrary belief women are naturally insatiable and multi-orgasmic creatures. Orgasms are powerful mechanisms of release and self-actualization for women. They ought to be part of every woman’s personal growth regime.

Holistic Sex Coach Kim Anami’s ‘5 Laws of Orgasms’
Image via Kim Anami

OA: What are some first steps you can take to reach multiple orgasms?

KA: Breathing deeply throughout arousal and orgasm. Knowing that you can have several and they are good for you.

OA: The third rule is “An orgasm a day.” What changes can you see when you prioritize daily orgasms?

KA: Daily pleasure lubricates your life. When you are connected to your sexuality and own it, you are more powerful in life, love, and career.

OA: Fourth rule: “Go deep.” Deep in what way?

KA: “Go deep” means go deep into the vagina. The most pleasurable and life-changing orgasms—G-spot and cervical—are in the vagina.

Gourmet sex combines emotional openness with sexual abandon.

OA: And lastly, the fifth rule: Let it go. What do you think are the main obstacles to allowing yourself to surrender? What can we do to start letting go?

KA: Opening up emotionally and letting down one’s guard is an ongoing practice even in healthy relationships. It’s important to do the inner work both as a individual and with your partner, to create an open, honest, and trusting space, where you feel safe to show up and be vulnerable.

Many things can prevent this, like old defense mechanisms or wounds from previous relationships or your family of origin. Or just not knowing what it even looks or feels like to live from a place of open-heartedness. This is the work I do—showing people what is possible and helping them to get there.

Holistic Sex Coach Kim Anami’s ‘5 Laws of Orgasms’
Image via Kim Anami

OA: You talk about gourmet sex vs. junk food sex. What an analogy: eating fresh, healthy, high-quality food every day will keep your body strong and happy, while going to Burger King everyday will leave you lifeless and heavy.

KA: Gourmet sex combines emotional openness with sexual abandon. Like a gourmet meal, it is a multi-layered experience. The meal that enriches you feeds you on every level: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Instead of trying to force sex at the end of the night, when most people are exhausted, give yourself a huge neurotransmitter and hormonal boost first thing in the morning.

OA: Speaking of — is there a food or habit you’ve decided to remove from your life entirely?

KA: Alcohol, drugs, smoking, sugar, gluten, GMO, and non-organic food. I don’t touch any of them. I’m more in tune with my own natural rhythms and my spiritual guidance and intuition is strong.

OA: Do you have any unusual or uncommon habits for the sake of health and wellness?

KA: I refuse to eat GMO food. When eating out, this means going into the kitchens and speaking to the chef. I find out the trace ingredients in everything and what oils are used in the foods for dressings and cooking. Then I school them on why not to use GMO ingredients. I make myself a total pain in the ass when I go out to eat—on purpose. The more people who do this—demand non-carcinogenic food—the more restaurants will pay attention and think about their choices to provide food that nourishes, not harms.

OA: Please describe your average morning.

KA: Morning sex. I tell all my clients to set their alarm 30 minutes earlier and start their days off with a bang. Instead of trying to force sex at the end of the night, when most people are exhausted, give yourself a huge neurotransmitter and hormonal boost first thing in the morning. It’ll pack more punch than your breakfast smoothie.

OA: What’s your natural pick-me-up for the inevitable 3pm energy crash?

KA: A “coffee-break” self-pleasuring session. Using the Tantric and Taoist breathing techniques I teach, I gain energy through a five- to 15-minute self-pleasuring break and then go back to work!

OA: Do you do anything unique or unexpected to maintain radiant skin?

KA: Having lots of sex and ingesting lots of ejaculate, surfing and harvesting sunshine and Vitamin D between 12 PM and 2 PM every day (i.e. peak hours). This anti-sunshine myth has to go. Vitamin D, built up through progressive tanning, is an antioxidant and prevents cancer.

OA: What’s your honest opinion on exercise? Love it, like it, hate it?

KA: LOVE IT, NEED IT. Surfing is my favorite exercise. It’s cardio, endurance, and strength-training all-in-one.

OA: What are the words you live by?

KA: If you’re not scared shitless, you’re not aiming high enough.

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