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How Hilaria Baldwin Stays in Shape After Having 4 Babies

How Hilaria Baldwin Stays in Shape After Having Four Babies

Image via Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin is pretty much an anomaly. The yoga instructor and wife to Alec Baldwin has given birth to four babies in four-and-a-half years, and somehow looks better than ever.

So what's her secret to keeping in shape and toned while taking care of four little ones?

The yogi recently shared her fitness tips with Women's Health Magazine, and fortunately for the rest of us mere mortals, they're relatable and, most importantly, achievable.

She's Consistent

While Baldwin admitted she was in shape before getting pregnant, she still continued with her workouts while pregnant and reminds herself that "staying active even when I don’t want to, even when I’m so tired I just want to sit on my butt, will make me feel better and I'll be healthier in the long run."

Consistency is key when it comes to weight loss. A 2017 study revealed that having a regular routine of healthy eating and exercise can help with consistent weight loss, and is more likely to bring lasting results. Which means sticking to a workout plan and consistent meal-prepping will go a longer way than jumping from trendy diet to trendy diet and sporadic exercise.

She's a Fan of Functional Fitness

If you follow Baldwin's Instagram, then you know she's a big fan of functional fitness moves. Functional fitness mimics real life physical activity in order for you to perform them more effectively and efficiently.

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While most gym routines focus on muscle groups (pecs, abs, chest, glutes), functional fitness focuses on movements, like pushing, pulling, squatting and lifting, and recruits multiple muscles groups at one time. Think an overhead press with a lunge, or a torso twist with a medicine ball.

The benefits of functional fitness are numerous, including improved strength, endurance, and balance. Just check out this video from Baldwin's 'gram in which she performs leg lifts in plank position to get an idea of how strong functional fitness can make you. And if she can do it in her living room (with one of her kids beside her) so can you!

She Rests

Baldwin understands the importance of listening to her body, which means resting when necessary.

Baldwin shared that she suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger and broke her hip from overexercising at age 25, so now, "I’m hyper-aware of how my body feels at all times," she told Women's Health, which means resting as long as she needs to.

Resting is often a neglected part of an exercise routine, but it's integral when it comes to achieving optimal fitness. Rest and recovery not only prevent you from injury, but it also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues, including healing and rebuilding muscles. In other words, your biceps and glutes won't grow if you don't give them a chance to rest.

The Takeaway

While not a lot of us will hit the red carpet like Baldwin, most of us can emulate her functional fitness moves on our living room carpet. While staying consistent with an exercise and healthy eating plan, and taking the time to rest your body, you too can make keeping fit and being a mom look easy.

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