It’s Turmeric Time: Why You Need the Benefits of This Skin Savior (Plus: Product Picks)

turmeric benefits for skin

Wellness gurus have long praised golden-wonder turmeric for its fantastic health benefits, but it looks like the natural beauty world has been taking notes, too.

Sure, this bright yellow spice may not seem like the most obvious thing to put on your face — in fact, your instincts might tell you to avoid it because of its skin staining tendencies — but sometimes the most unconventional ingredients turn out to be the biggest game changers when it comes to skincare.

So why is turmeric having its moment in the clean beauty spotlight?

Simply put, it’s a do-it-all ingredient which can be used to address skin concerns from blemishes to premature aging. One of turmeric’s main components, curcumin, is an incredible anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. Naturally, anti-inflammatories are particularly great for cystic acne as they reduce redness and swelling, helping active acne break outs to heal faster. Inflammation can also be responsible for skin concerns like rosacea, which are particularly persistent and can be difficult to treat.

Anyone who has ever sought out high-end skincare will probably know why antioxidants are so prized. With the ability to neutralize the effects of free radicals (the main causes of cell damage) they keep skin healthy and youthful.

Curcumin just so happens to be great at combating hyperpigmentation too. By reducing excessive melanin production, it makes skin less prone to uneven dark patches and scarring. The added bonus is that unlike many skin brightening treatments, turmeric is actually soothing on the skin. And let’s face it, far more affordable than most other brighteners.

Want to put some of turmeric’s benefits for skin to the test yourself? Try some of these green beauty gems and get ready to glow.

5 Turmeric Beauty Products With Mega Skin Benefits

1. YLLO Turmeric Face Scrub
For a serious hit of turmeric skincare goodness, this simple scrub does the trick. With turmeric at the top of the ingredients list, expect instant results that include glowing, baby soft skin. The fun part is that it sports turmeric’s trademark golden yellow color all the way, which as you can see from YLLO’s instagram feed makes for a pretty great selfie!

2. Province Apothecary Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment
Blemish treatments that actually work are far and few between, but Province Apothecary are onto a winner. The aim of the game is to soothe anything from the odd pimple to angry breakouts – something that star ingredient turmeric essential oil is adept at. Once the initial inflammation has subsided you can even keep using it to reduce the chance of scarring during the healing process. Advanced by name, advanced by nature!

3. Lani Cacao Detox Mask 
One superfood just wasn’t enough, so Lani paired turmeric with cacao powder to create this good-enough-to-eat face mask. If you’re not sold on the chocolate mousse texture (and smell), then the morning post-application effect will seal the deal. Any blemishes are noticeably calmer and your complexion is left bright and even.

4.Balm & Co Turmeric Honeysuckle Brightening Toner
If you want to intergrate tumeric into your skincare regimen on a regular basis, a simple toner is probably one of the easiest ways. Made with only four ingredients, a few spritzes of this pure and natural toner will give your skin its daily dose of turmeric TLC while providing essential hydration.

5. Mahalo Balm
Turmeric is healing gold, so it seems very fitting for this restorative, multipurpose balm. Whether it’s to soothe ultra dry skin or help minimize the scarring of a wound, turmeric’s almost magical properties aid in all of its jobs. According to Mahalo, it also works as an eye treatment!

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