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Jim Belushi Thinks Pot Can Heal Families

He plays Marvin Gaye for his "girls"

Add actor Jim Belushi to the list of celebs who are advocating for legal marijuana. But Belushi’s not just shilling it – he’s growing it, too.

In a recent interview with The Stranger, the “According to Jim” star opened up about his aptly-titled Belushi’s Farm in Oregon where he grows and sells pot.

For the actor, pot is more than a recreational drug. He sees cannabis as “medicine.”

“Cannabis is great for helping Alzheimer’s, people struggling with PTSD, people struggling with trauma,” he told the magazine, adding, “it also enhances the sound of music. It sparks creativity. It enhances the taste of food. It enhances the touch of your lover’s skin. It also gives you euphoria, a sense of joy, and a higher consciousness. So there’s wellness all across.”

He’s not wrong. While it’s largely subjective just how many medical conditions are eased by marijuana, the best supported medicinal use of marijuana is as a treatment for chronic pain, being used as a treatment for muscle spasms related to MS, as well as helping to prevent or treat nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

As for creativity breakthroughs? It’s safe to say everyone’s path to creativity is different, however, a 2011 study did suggest that cannabis produces “psychotomimetic symptoms,” which might help people break free from ordinary thinking in order to generate unique ideas or associations.

But Belushi thinks cannabis heals more than just ailments; he believes it could heal or prevent “the collapse of families.”

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From the Organic Authority Files

“The number one fear of life is death and the second is the collapse of family,” he told the magazine. “Many people come from collapsed families, whether it’s divorce or a disease in the family that broke the family up, whether there’s a death like in my family, a loss of business, all of these people need some kind of medicine.”

In fact, Belushi thinks that if his late brother, John Belushi, had been using pot as his "medicine" rather than his lethal cocktail of heroin and cocaine, he would still be alive. 

"I think what we know about marijuana today, if we knew in the '70s, a lot more people would be alive, including my brother. Danny Aykroyd said, ‘If your brother John was a pothead he would be alive today,'" Belushi recounted. 

It's clear that Belushi has a special connection to cannabis. Not only is he growing it, and is very involved with each step of the process ("I am curing it. I am flushing out the irrigation to make sure the ash is white. I’m pruning it, I’m trimming it. And now I’m marketing it") but he also...plays music for his plants. 

"I play music for them. When they’re vegging I play baby-making music for them. I play Marvin Gaye, and then as they are growing I play reggae, and then when we’re about to take them down I play gospel music so they feel like they’re seeing God before we take them."

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