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Skin Care: 8 DIY Recipes for More than Just a Pretty Face


Gorgeous skin: From adolescence on, it seems to be an issue. From 25 on, it takes on a whole new relevancy (or shall we say urgency). Whatever skincare you care about, keep it healthy. There's absolutely no reason why anyone should slather harmful, downright toxic chemicals onto their body - let alone their face! - in the name of beauty. These homemade recipes that blend natural ingredients into simple recipes that prove gorgeous can come from the kitchen cupboard... now, that's beautiful.

Your Face Cream Forward


If you ask us, the perfect moisturizer is not the $100 one with exotic ingredients gathered from around the world, the deep dark seas and bottoms of test tubes – nope – it's the $5 (or less!) one you crafted in your own kitchen using pure ingredients you handpicked just for your one-of-a-kind skin type. No chemicals, no fillers, nothing shady – just authentic and unadulterated constituents bottled up to get you and your skin through the changing seasons. 

2 DIY Skincare Recipes to Shrink Those Pores


Well okay, it's impossible to shrink the size of your pores, literally. You can thank your parents for them. However, by maintaining (or attaining at this point) clean and unclogged pores, it's possible that no one will be able to tell how sizeable they really are, hopefully even you (although we tend to be much tougher on ourselves).

Banana Moon Facial


There's nothing like giving yourself a facial using ingredients that are likely to be in your kitchen year-round. Except for the essential oils in this recipe, you surely have all the ingredients in your cupboard – or can easily obtain them in a flash! This will leave any type of skin feeling refreshed and pampered.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Citrus Facial


If you happen to have oily skin, this Citrus Facial from Nona George Cohen, owner of The Body Clinic Day Spa, will degrease your face in no time. "Citrus has astringent, antiseptic and detoxifying effects on the skin," Cohen tells us. "Lemon reduces hyperpigmentation and also exfoliates. Adding ylang-ylang gives citrus added beneficial effects."

DIY Eye Cream


The skin around your eyes contains very few sebaceous and sweat glands coupled with very thin skin. What results? The first tell tale signs of aging - wrinkles. So, while fighting off the inevitable is a fool's game, giving that extra sensitive skin the moisture it so desires is just plain old nice. Plus, with this recipe for homemade eye cream, you get to avoid all the gimmicks, the nasty chemicals and the exorbitant price tags.

DIY Face Cleanser for Your Skin Type


In addition to cleaning, cleansers exfoliate the skin surface to promote circulation and skin renewal. But we have to be careful not to use harsh chemiclas that will strip the face of its natural oils and protective layer and actually promote aging. A homemade facial cleanser made from a few organic ingredients that are tailored to your skin type will get glowing skin in the bag... for decades to come.

Homemade Chocolate Face Mask


Sure, you can seek out an exotic spa that offers a chocolate skin treatment for some ridiculously insane price. But why do that when you can make it at home for a couple of bucks? At OA, we are increasingly excited about the idea of creating our beauty rituals from natural, organic foodstuffs with our own two hands; highly satisfying. And also, highly effective!

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