Is ‘Super Accelerated Living’ the Key to Success, Bliss, and Joy?

Tips for a Super Accelerated 2017

Bentinho Massaro, internationally recognized spiritual teacher and empowerment speaker, shows us how to experience limitless inner freedom and joy. Lucky us, because after experiencing enlightenment and what he describes as an “indescribable freedom that knows no boundaries,” Massaro created the free to join Trinity Academy: an “online university for enlightenment.” 

Super Accelerated Living with Bentinho Massaro

So, get excited because we caught up with Massaro to talk about how his Super Accelerated Living principles can make this year truly magical and full of passionate creating.

Organic AuthorityWhat is super accelerated living?

BentinhoMassaro: It’s an epic way of living life, where you live from the flow state much more than the average person on our planet currently does. It speeds up how much you learn, and it deepens how much you love your life and those whomyou meet within it. To super accelerateyour experience of life,you need to understand a few core principles about how you generate your own experiences. Then you need to apply these tools over and over again until the bulk of your limiting beliefs are dissolved and a truer perspective of life is achieved. This leads to an accelerated momentum of your capacity for passionate creating that allows your life to take on a magical quality throughout all of its aspects.

OA: What’s the goal of super accelerated living?

BM: To become as much of an authentic and empowered expression of one’s true calling in this life as is possible within the time that we have. To be clear: the goal is not to become rushed or to hurry up. Rather, “super accelerated” means your vibration is higher, therefore allowing much greater flow to happen through you. The goal here is to embody a heightened clarity of consciousness that will accelerate your ability to create the life of your dreams. The time period between the conception of a vision and the living experience of it is shortened as we super accelerate ourselves by means of these teachings and tools. The goal of super accelerated living is, in a sense, for the you of ten years from now to be able to look back upon the most exciting dreams you harbor now, and realize how comparatively little excitement you were capable of allowing into your life. The idea is that the contrast of the you ten years from nowwith the you of today will blow your mind when these principles I teach are fully lived.

OAHow is it linked to our state of being?

BM: It has everything to do with our state of being. What doesn’t? We create our own realities through the power of our state of being. If you are feeling down, you will only have access to the negative interpretations of your present experience, and you will further depress yourself and miss out on the endless possibilities available to you. If you are happy and feeling good, confident, empowered, and excited for what’s possible for you, I guarantee that you will have access only to the best of interpretations of your present experience, and thus increase your good-feeling state. You will step up the frequency of the energy that your state of being carries with it and sends out. As a result, what you will get back will be infinitely more pleasing to you and closer to your dreams than the interpretations and experiences you attract when you are depressed and skeptical about the inherent goodness and possibilities of life.

OAHow can we get to an ‘over-the-top blissed-out’ state?

BM: By understanding that you are consciousness with a state of being. That’s it. You’ve never experienced anything but your own state of being—your own frequency. Even when you say you “experience a circumstance,” all you truly experience is your consciousness feeling a certain way about how you interpret that circumstance. When your thoughts are based in seeing infinite possibilities and inherent goodness—and are therefore in alignment with your Soul—you feel good about that “circumstance.” If your interpretations are lack-based and negative—and therefore out of alignment with your Soul—you feel bad about that “circumstance.” By understanding that you are consciousness with a state of being, rather than a body inside of a physical world, you greatly accelerate your ability to access profound bliss and excitement, and you can start creating without attachment to outcome—just for the joy of it! Over-the-top bliss can easilybe accessed, because it is what we are. But experiencing this directly requires an open mind. If you have a truly open mind and are willing to drop the jaded, skeptical self and forgive life and everything in it, you can easily access the great joys inherent in consciousness/life itself. Your beingness IS bliss.

OAWhere do you think spiritually makes a “mistake”?

BM: Everything is a perfect expression of the One Infinite Creator, and everything expands upon creation in a new way. So truly, there are no mistakes. However, if I had to point out a frequently preached imbalance in the world of spiritual teachings, it would be that”desires are bad.” This represents an imbalance because desire is what created your being here. It is the driving force behind your life, and if you suppress it, you suppress your reason for living. If you suppress your reason for living, you’re setting yourself up for an unpleasant short-cut toward mediocrity and death.

OA: What do you mean when you say “live in the future” and “see only your preference”?

BM: I don’t really mean we should live “in the future,” for there is only Now. Rather, I ask my students to understand that the Now has nothing to do with what’s physically manifest right now. Oftentimes, when spiritual teachers tell students to focus on the “Now,” the first thing they’ll do is notice the objects in the room they’re in, or remember the break-up they are going through, or think about the less-than-preferable numbers in their bank account. I want people to understand that circumstances become utterly meaningless when you are in a super accelerated state of flow. You won’t be looking for your circumstances to give you any kind of indication as to how well you are doing, how worthy you are, or how happy you should be. You will continue to be happy and create your dreams, regardless of the physical circumstances. This is what I mean by “see only your preference.” Yes, be here and now, but be focused on the vibration and vision of your choosing, and be confident in that vision, rather than take your cues from learned definitions of your present circumstances.

OA: Why is the imaginative state so powerful?

BM: Because it is free; it is untethered. When we are imagining something we enjoy, we are stepping up our frequency and gravitating our state of being closer and closer in vibrational alignment with the Source of all power: we are connecting directly to our True Nature.

OA: How can we get over a sense of lack so we can enjoy our desires, especially before they become manifest?

BM: Stop taking your circumstances to mean or indicate anything whatsoever about who you are, what you are capable of, how close you are to your dreams becoming physically manifest, and how you should feel. When you let your negative interpretations of circumstances affect your state of being, you are becoming reflective of that negative state. Thus, you will feel out of alignment, powerless, and consequently conjure up an experience that reflects that state. Circumstances always reflect your state of being. So practice deciding upon your state of being directly; practice breaking the illusory dependency on your circumstances to tell you how you should feel and how well you are doing. If you truly get this, you can be happy always. Whether something manifests or not is none of your business—how you feel is your only business. Master your interpretations of life and learn to direct your state of being directly, and I promise you, results will start showing up more and more rapidly without you being worried about them at all. If you are worrying about them showing up, you’ve lost sight of your joy already. Don’t do that! Be in joy, optimism, love, faith, present-moment appreciation, and imagination. This is the way into super accelerated living.

OA: What is our “feeling state,” and how can we manage to bring it closer into alignment with our dreams?

BM: The feeling state is the frequency that the energy of our consciousnessvibrates at. Consequently, we could say, it is “how we feel.”  But it is much more than that, as well. We can bring it more into alignment with Source and with our Soul by making sure our interpretations of our life are always based in “everything is possible” and “things are going so well for me.”  When we think in terms of abundance, joy, love, overflow, and confidence, we tune our feeling state into greater alignment. Thus, we allow more flow and power to be channeled through us and toshow up in our lives. When you are in alignment, you have but to dream it, and life births it for you. Just make sure you don’t get attached to whether it’s manifesting or not. Stay in joyful appreciation of your present moment freedom to be, and choose your next vibration/interpretations deliberately.

OA: How important is excitement in our lives?

BM: Excitement lets us know that our beliefs and our interpretations are in alignment with who we truly are and who we came here to be. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. If we don’t feel any degree of excitement or joy or love or inner satisfaction, chances are that we are under the spell of a negative belief and we don’t even know it. Or if we do know it, we’re not making enough of a commitment to face it, own it, love it, appreciate it, accept it, and finally allow it to lift. True inner excitement, when followed with clarity and integrity, can act as the only compass needle for life that you need.

OA: What are three key things to make every day the best ever?

BM: Be fully yourself. Be fearlessly yourself. Be unapologetically yourself.

OA: What are the most common habits that get in our way that we don’t even know we’re doing?

BM: We’re automatically assuming all kinds of things we don’t realize. I call them “contextual beliefs.”They hide in the background, but they shape the stage of your life and limit what you perceive to be possible in any given moment. Right now, you’re holding on to a point of view about what is possible and what isn’t. This determines the window of how much magic, acceleration and joy can come to you and to those whom you meet. The habit is that we don’t know it’s happening; we automaticallyassume. If we could stop automatically assuming that ANYTHING is true, we would feel free and blissful instantly; we would naturally be in the powerful flow state of our Soul.

5 Tips to Explore Massaro’s Super Accelerated Living Principles:

  1. Remember that your present circumstances are just a manifestation of your past thoughts and feelings.
  2. Pick up Massaro’s new book, “Super Accelerated Living.”
  3. Get excited! When you raise your vibration, greater energy can flow through you, and it will connect you to even more possibilities.
  4. Make managing your “state of being” as important as brushing your teeth or exercising.
  5. Embrace your desires and pay attention to anything you automatically assume because you don’t want to count yourself out when in fact… everything is possible!

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