This is How Naomi Campbell Looks Cat Walk-Ready at 49

She's still fierce AF.

Naomi Campbell
Credit: Instagram/Naomi Campbell

On and off the catwalk, supermodel Naomi Campbell has always been a force to be reckoned with. She once again proved her prowess by posting some amazing (and enviable) videos of her recent workouts

It’s no wonder Campbell still looks cat walk-ready at 49. Her sweat sessions are grueling but somehow she makes them look, dare we say, chic. Curious how the star keeps in such great shape? Below are the details behind her favorite exercises. 

She Lunges. A Lot.

In one video Campbell is doing some a number of walking lunges while lifting a medicine ball above her head. Lunges are not only excellent strengthening move but they also tone and strengthen your legs, glutes, and core while challenging your stability. Add a heavy medicine ball into the mix and you’re not only toning your arms but also working your core to stay balanced. 

For an extra bit of cardiovascular training, you could swap out walking lunges for jump lunges and give yourself that extra boost of that heart pumping good stuff. 

She Uses Battle Ropes

“The key component to a successful workout program, whatever that means to you, is making sure to still have fun. One of Naomi’s favorite exercises is battle ropes!” Campbell’s personal trainer, Joe Holder, captioned one video featuring the model intensely working out with the ropes. 

While battle ropes are mostly considered for improving upper body strength, they’re also an amazing full-body workout because they help to engage the back, core, legs, and glute muscles. To help tone your legs even more, add some jump lunges and squats to your battle rope routine. Want killer abs like Campbell’s? Throw some Russian Twists and burpees with a rope slam into your next workout, or even do a plank while alternating lifting the rope. You’ll definitely feel it in your core (and thank us later).

She Jumps Rope

In another video Campbell is shown jumping rope while wearing a resistance band around her thighs. 

Jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you’re probably not doing. It not only torches major calories as well as improves balance and coordination while working your body from head to toe. 

Factor in a resistance band like Campbell and you’re adding even more toning to your thighs and glutes. 

She Mixes Up Her Workouts

Campbell told People magazine in June that she likes circuit training because “I need to keep doing different things, and I have a great trainer called Joe that I love working out with.” 

Circuit training is a fantastic full-body workout that usually combines resistance training with cardio. Typically you’ll do a high volume but low resistance weight workout with 2-3 minute rest intervals involving some sort of cardio or HIIT movement. This way you’re blasting fat while improving strength and muscle tone. 

By constantly mixing up her routine Campbell is reducing her risk of injury, building new muscles, reducing boredom, and blasting through any weight loss plateau that she may hit if she’d engage in the same workout repetitively. Also, by changing it up, Campbell makes exercise fun and engaging, which is a key component for sticking to a regular workout routine. 

The Takeaway

Fact: We might not all be built like supermodels. But by focusing on a variety of full-body exercises that includes both weight and cardio exercises like Campbell does, we might just get the abs and legs that are definitely sashay-worthy. 

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