3 Elixir Juice Recipes to Fight Candida, the Flu and Inflammation


When you’re on the run and sick, you have to keep things quick and easy, which is why pill-popping is attractive. But keeping it real and natural is the way to go in order to ensure a lasting recovery. Kick back one of these three elixir juice recipes, depending on your health goals, to help you to fight candida, the flu and inflammation, or simply maintain your awesome health on a regular basis.

1. Cold and Flu

Recipe: Juice of 1-inch nob of fresh ginger, juice of 1 freshly squeezed orange, juice of 1 freshly squeezed grapefruit.

Benefits: Fresh ginger has anti-viral properties and vitamin C, prevalent in both orange and grapefruit juices, may reduce the frequency of the common cold. Together, the trifecta creates a cold and flu-busting elixir that’ll serve you right all year round. Take a shot every morning on an empty stomach.

2. Inflammation

Recipe: ½ cup tea water, ¼ teaspoon turmeric (mixed in until dissolved), ¼ teaspoon raw honey (mixed in until dissolved), juice of ½ lemon.

Benefits:Turmeric has been shown to hold more anti-inflammatory power than ginger, which is famous in this role. Because turmeric’s taste is less than stellar, the raw honey acts as both a sweetener and an anti-inflammatory agent – to say nothing of its anti-bacterial qualities. Lemon is widely known as an astringent to the body and packs its own anti-inflammation perks.

3. Candida

Recipe: 1 teaspoon fresh garlic juice (or 1 squashed/minced garlic), 1 drop of oil of oregano, juice of ½ lemon, enough water to fill up the remainder of a shot glass.

Benefits: This one is going to go down hard, but your body wants it, trust me. Oil of oregano isn’t a walk in the part – it’s harsh! But, it is incredibly detoxifying and fights candida! Candida is a condition that results from the overgrowth of yeast in your system (particularly prevalent among women), and can cause acne, bloating and lethargy, among other symptoms. Lemon is highly alkaline after it enters your body and helps to restore the acid-base balance. Candida thrives in an acidic environment, so lemon helps to create an unattractive place for it to live and grow. And last, but certainly not least, is garlic. It has exhibited anti-candida properties and makes this concoction ever the more unbearable, but that shouldn’t stop you!

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