3 Smart Ways to Make Summer Goals for an All-Around Healthier You

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There are two times of year that, without fail, people start to think about goals. The first, of course, is the New Year. But the second is often now: summer!

Summer goals are popular for loads of reasons: a more laid-back attitude towards our schedules, more time spent outside (and in skimpier clothing!) But whatever the motivation, one thing’s for sure: there’s no time like the present to make changes for a healthier you, inside and out. And we’re here to help.

One thing to bear in mind when addressing summer goals is that there’s no list that will perfectly accommodate everyone. It’s much more useful, instead of looking at specific goals, to examine ways that one can make smart goals that are in line with the things you want — goals that are realizable, appropriate and motivational. This is why we’ve assembled three of our favorite ways to make some of the most common summertime goals.

1. Making Summertime Body Goals

It’s no surprise that body goals are at the top of our list. Summertime is the clear moment in the year when those 5 pounds that crept back on over the winter start to really irk us, and most of us are ready to do something about the way our body feels.

But when making body goals, try to make a goal that you — and only you — can fulfill, or else risk feeling dejected.

What do we mean by that?

Don’t focus on the number on the scale.

Poundage can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, including what you ate, how much you ate, how much water you drank, and even if you’re retaining water due to a killer workout. Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, focus on what you’ve gained. Here are a few suggestions for great summer body goals:

2. Making Summertime Goals for the Mind

We’re all stressed — some of us more than others. But summer is a fantastic time to slow down and concentrate on what’s important. Give yourself a moment to really focus on your emotional health by taking steps towards a healthier mind and spirit.

When deciding on a summer goal for the mind, first consider what you see to be the most important problem with the way you view your life right now. Are you too stressed? Is your body image slipping? Do you wish you took more time for yourself?

Here are just a few of our ideas; take inspiration from them and settle on one that works for you!

  • Comb through your closet and donate any clothes that don’t make you feel beautiful.
  • Wake up a half-hour earlier to have a quiet cup of coffee or tea before everyone else in the house gets up.
  • Use your lunch hour to take a walk to a nearby park, alone or with colleagues, and enjoy a sandwich in the summer sunshine.
  • Commit to spending at least a half-day every summer weekend outdoors and unplugged.
  • Have a one-day staycation.

3. A Goal of Renewed Relationships for Summer

Many people have noticed the strange effects that constant contact via social media and Smartphones has had on our relationships with others. We grow closer, as one might think, but farther apart, sacrificing valuable face time by keeping our phones glued to our palms and our attention constantly divided.

The longer days of summer are the perfect time to renew relationships with ones you love — and forge some new friendships as well! Here are a few of our favorite summer goals for renewed relationships.

  • Pocket your smartphone when speaking with someone else (Miss Manners will thank you!).
  • Call a friend twice a week, just to chat.
  • Instate family dinners — no phone, no TV, just conversation. And invite some friends, too.
  • Meet new people with shared interests in your town or city.

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