5 Tips to Uphold a Healthy Diet this Thanksgiving

thanksgiving meal

It’s hard enough to stay true to a healthy diet during everyday social outings. Throw in an indulgence-centric holiday and the puzzle becomes even more complicated. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday that allows you to push your gustatory limits, even if for just one night. But if you are not willing to derail an otherwise healthy diet, then you should approach Thanksgiving with some tips on how to steer clear of common pitfalls. Additionally, if you push your what-am-I-going-to-eat panic aside and focus on good conversation and the warm energy surrounding the dinner table, all it takes are a few suggestions to uphold a healthy diet through the thanksgiving meal, or any meal for that matter.

These five tips will help you to keep your healthy diet intact this holiday season.

1. Don’t come starving. Make sure you have breakfast and lunch prior to the Thanksgiving meal so that you aren’t ready to pounce on whatever is serve without thought to moderation.
2. Start with greens. Before heading for any other dish, fill your plate with an abundant salad. If you don’t expect a salad at Thanksgiving meal, prepare one yourself. Make it full of color and texture so that it appeals to everyone at the table! This will give you some fodder to start the meal off right as well as prep your body to digest heavier foods later
3. Focus on side dishes. Side dishes tend to be more plant-based than the main stars. Pile the side dishes on your plate to make a complete meal. You won’t need the Turkey!
4. Enjoy conversation and laughter over obsessing about what you’re eating. Sometimes concentrating too much on what you can and can’t eat just leaves you looking stressed, hurried, and overall discontent. Focus on the family and friends sitting at the table – not just what you’re eating.
5. Go easy on the alcohol. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages to ease their effects. Meanwhile, opt for a red wine over a caloric cocktail.

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