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4 Foods for A Dinner That Amps Your Sex Drive


Food can be physically suggestive, have arousing aromas, be sensuously supple and entice all sorts of sexual urges to the surface. Serve up these succulent aphrodisiacs with a dinner menu that will amp up your (and your partner’s) sex drive. By the end of the meal, you’ll be begging for seconds, and I don’t mean of the food…


Thanks to the Doctrine of Signatures, which says that foods resembling certain body parts have a direct positive effect on them, asparagus has made the eternal list of aphrodisiacs. After all, it bears a strong resemblance to the, shall we say, male qualities. This phallic vegetable is elegant and sexual at the same time, making it a perfect addition to any dinner spread. Wrap it in smoky prosciutto for a sensual side, or serve it steamed and slathered in butter for a dripping sensation. It’s hard not to think dirty thoughts while feeding each other long spears of this luscious vegetable.


If the long, piercing look of asparagus leads the mind to phallic thoughts, the buttery, round avocado brings about images of a curvy, supple woman. It’s the Doctrine of Signatures again, and it rings true once more. The sensation of peeling away a ripe avocado and slowly digging out the flesh, one spoonful at a time, is sheer sensuality. And before we used it as a symbol for the woman, the ancient Aztecs were also using it as a sexual food—only in reference to the male specimen. The word “avocado” comes from the Aztec word “ahuacatl,” meaning testicle. Avocados with dinner can be as the obvious guacamole or puree spread, but try serving them on the “half shell” with spoons so you can feed each other mouthfuls with the entrée.

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According to Cynthia Watson in her book Love Potions, the sense of smell is our “strongest tie to most emotional experiences,” and the intoxicating aroma of rosemary is one to set all pleasantries in place. Medieval women used to take rosemary baths to perfume their bodies in its scent, and with good reason. Rosemary evokes sex naturally. Its complex aroma has feminine tones of mild flowers, all tied up in a spicy, woodsy bundle that screams masculinity. Use rosemary in roasted meat rubs or try it finely chopped in a grain pilaf with grapes and nuts. Or, for a sensual dessert, add rosemary to any chocolate recipe, such as mousse, pudding or warm cocoa.


They say that alcohol increases the sexual appetite but lowers the performance. Depending on how much you’ve been drinking, this can certainly ring true. But in moderation, libations can be a powerful tool in the bedroom. Just a glass of deep red wine brings a pale face to a pure flush, causing a gentle heat to rise slowly up from one vertebra at a time. It isn’t about getting drunk; it’s about sipping just enough to let that heat rise. Have a glass of bubbly for a peppy, flirty jaunt, or perhaps a body shot for a naughty tease, or just stick to wine for the pure drink of seduction.

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