DIY ‘Vapo Rub’ with Essential Oils (It’s Petroleum Free!)

It’s officially cold and flu season. Between the dry, heated air and the germs sloshing around in your kids’ schools, you’re going to need a healthy way to pry open those nasal passages. But store-bought vapor rubs aren’t just pricey; a recent study found that vapor rubs can be hazardous to your children’s respiratory systems. It’s so incredibly simple to make your own at home, why bother with store-bought varieties?! I like my DIY vapo rub with lemon-eucalyptus scent, but you can make this rub with the essential oils that suit you (and your symptoms) best.

This homemade vapor rub has a nasal opening property similar to the store-bought version, but leaves out the petroleum and turpentine oils. Yikes! Rub it on your chest, under your nose or on your kids’ chests.

Lemon-Eucalyptus Essential Oils ‘Vapo Rub’

Makes 4 ounces


1/2 cup coconut oil
40 drops camphor essential oil
20 drops lemon-eucalyptus essential oil


In a medium-sized saucepan, melt coconut oil on the stove top. Add camphor, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils.

Pour into a 4-ounce jar. Store in your medicine cabinet so it is easily spreadable. Use to relieve sinus or chest congestion.

Spread a bit under your nose and/or on your upper chest (especially at night before bedtime) to breathe in the sinus-clearing oils.

Adapted from Oh Lardy.

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