Eating in Bed: Bad Habit or Guilty Pleasure?

We’ve all enjoyed breakfast in bed–a loving partner that surprises us on a special day with a glass of bubbly and homemade banana pancakes. Or maybe it’s a bit chilly outside and you’re tempted to cuddle up under the duvet while enjoying a cup of chicken noodle. Who knows your excuse, but the fact of the matter is quite a few of us nosh in bed. So is it a bad habit or a guilty pleasure?

The Huffington Post recently reported on Kadi Dulude, the owner of a top New York City cleaning service, who said that at least half of her customers showed signs of eating in bed.

“Most people know to take their dishes to the sink, but in the extreme cases, it’s like their bed is their dining room and if they don’t clean up, there are a lot of bugs,” said Dulude to The Huffington Post.

Eating in bed is a bad habit that has its downsides, aka creepy critters, must commonly ants and cockroaches. In fact, cockroaches take very little food to survive. Some people are allergic to cockroaches just from exposure but they can also play a role as carriers of intestinal disease such as diarrhea and dysentery. And what’s more, who wants to rollover onto a week old snickerdoodle, or worse, a roach? Ick.

But more than being a bad habit with the distinct possibility of becoming an all too comfortable abode for critters, eating in bed falls into the mindless category. Just as eating in front of your laptop, television, or even over a good read takes away from the experience of actually enjoying your food, eating in bed is likely to be paired with some other mindless activity. Enjoy dinner at the dinner table. Turn off all devices and become one with your food.

While the occasional breakfast in bread is still a welcomed treat, other than that, bed is for sleeping and sex. Period.

However, Niki Achitoff-Gray over at Serious Eats doesn’t agree:

Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes, I make salad in bed. And yes, I can hear all your gasps and groans, the rapid contraction of your wrinkled, scrunched-up noses. Your visions of the pest-ridden squalor in which I must surely reside. There are few more contentious love-it-or-hate-it topics than bed eating.

And I’m open to the fact that many of us love a midnight picnic on the duvet. We all have our opinions, I suppose. Chuckle.

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