5 Foods to Reduce the Bloat

We’re in the thick of it… wedding season that is. Whether it’s your own wedding, you’re in the bridal party or are simply a stunning guest, everyone dons their best to come together and celebrate love. What’s one thing that can dampen the mood (well, besides someone being left at the alter)? Bloat. Yup. Barely squeezing into your dress on the day of. Not only is it super uncomfortable but a decided disappointment considering all the planning that went into your look.

Obviously, bloat can happen anytime, especially when your flow is paying its monthly visit. Sometimes, you can throw on some sweats and forget about it. But on those occasions when bloat is not an option, here are five foods to provide you the sustenance you need… that is five foods that can shrink your bloat down to skinny black dress size. No Spanx required or desired!

Goodbye Bloat

Asparagus: With hefty amounts of folate, iron and thiamine, the lovely stalks that are asparagus are eaten for pure deliciousness (of course), their great nutritional benefits and also for their diuretic effects. Asparagus has a way of encouraging the growth of friendly gut bacteria that work to reduce the build-up of stomach gas. Add to your morning scramble or grill and top on your lunchtime salad. 

Coffee: This widely-consumed stimulant is also nature’s diuretic. But drinking caffeine to reduce bloat needs to be done with mindfullness. The last thing you want is to overdo it and get the jitters and other not-so-fun effects of too much caffeine (not to mention dangerous ones). Have a cup or two max, or another caffeinated beverage of your choosing. 

Celery: Yet another one of nature’s natural diuretics. Celery has always been a prized diet food, and in addition to its fiber, low calorie content and high water content (or because of!), celery helps the body flush out extra water weight. Nibble on a few raw stalks and if you want to make ‘ants on a log’ be sure to do so with a low sodium peanut butter. 

Papaya: This is a super fruit that is your digestive system’s bonafide friend. In addition to being full of antioxidants, papaya also contains the digestive enzyme papain. Papain aids in the digestion of protein and helps to break down protein-rich foods that tend to cause bloating and gas. Add a squeeze of lime to a few papaya chunks and enjoy. 

Pineapple: If papaya just isn’t your thing, how about some fresh pineapple? It contains bromelain, another digestion-promoting enzyme. Better yet, blend the two for a breakfast smoothie that works against the toughest bloated stomach.

And, get your H2O on!

image:  vnaylon