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Gratitude List: 20 Ways to Be Thankful and Mean It

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One of the easiest ways to find happiness is to show gratitude for what you already have. Having gratitude for the life you’ve been given is a sign of contentment. It shows that instead of striving for what you don’t have, you’re content with what life has thrown your way. Gratitude is part of loving this place, this time, and this moment even when things aren’t going exactly your way.

Show Gratitude Today

1. Start your day by journaling or saying to yourself in the form of a prayer your daily gratitude list. What are you currently thankful for in your life?

2. Include things that aren’t positive. Even negative people or life events are put there to teach us something about ourselves. Be thankful for these daily learning tools.

3. Pick a person, animal, or organization to do something nice for each week.

4. Say a gratitude prayer before you eat. It can be religious or just being thankful for those that prepared and produced your food.

5. Give a big, cuddly hug and mean it.

6. Look people in the eyes when you say thank you.

7. Tell someone how they positively impacted your life and that you’re thankful for them.

8. Learn to listen. Being a good listener doesn’t just mean hearing what someone else is saying, but truly trying to consciously understand what they mean.

9. Leave a gigantic tip.

10. Be patient with those around you.

11. Think before you speak and avoid saying hurtful things that could have a negative impact on those around you.

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From the Organic Authority Files

12. Pay for someone’s coffee, just because.

13. Show gratitude for yourself by making a list of the positive things you’ve done lately.

14. Volunteer your time.

15. Give your pup an extra long walk.

16. Call a friend that you know needs to talk.

17. Send a thank you note.

18. Give an anonymous donation.

19. Take a picture for a tourist.

20. Make a friend their favorite meal.

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