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How To Get Skinny While Eating Healthy: 4 Easy Tips

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Alright ladies, it's time to get real. It's time to accept our bodies for what they are, eating healthy because it makes us feel good in addition to looking our best. We want to teach you how to get skinny without starving yourself. Here are four easy tips to get started on a realistic path to the best you you can be.

1. Stop Counting Calories

Never buy anything that’s low fat or low calorie because the chemicals added to replace the fat can actually sabotage your weight loss plan. Don't look at the calories in the foods you eat, instead, look at the quality of the foods you eat. Recently, Weight Watchers President David Kirchoff admitted that "calorie counting has become unhelpful." A 100 calorie apple versus on 100 calorie pack of cookies does very different things to your body. The apple is loaded with fiber that fills you up while the cookies likely contain HFCS, which suppresses the hormone leptin in the body so that you never feel full. Unless you have extreme willpower for eating healthy, you're doomed to open another 100 calorie pack of cookies and dig in.

 2. Skip Breakfast

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Ok, before I get a thousand disparaging comments, let me clarify. Yes, you need to eat breakfast but only if you feel hungry. Make sure every time you eat you’re actually hungry, even at meal times. Eating healthy means allowing three to four hours for digestion between meals, but it’s even more important that you eat only when you’re hungry, which is your body's way of asking for more fuel. If the tank's full, it won't ask. If you don’t learn to listen to your body, it will always be bigger than it needs to be.

3. Don’t Eat Late at Night

Your liver does the work of digestion while you're sleeping. If you eat a huge meal right before you go to bed, you force your liver to work overtime. That's why you wake up feeling groggy. Eat dinner between 6 and 7 pm and let that be it for the night. 

4. Skinny People Splurge Too

It's not all celery sticks and kale, skinny people splurge too. Sometimes you just need something sweet and nothing else will do. One study found that women who indulged in sweets once in a while were no more overweight than women who didn't. Depriving yourself will eventually catch up with you, risking a binge. Cut yourself some slack when it comes to eating healthy. You deserve it.

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