7 Natural Cures for Bad Breath

Rank breath can hit at anytime, to anyone. Too much garlic hiding in your lunch… makes for an awkward rest-of-work day. Just a little ranch dressing on your date… truly unkissable. From the foods you eat to drinks you drink to anything you might be puffing on, arm yourself with these all natural cures for halitosis.

You may be thinking; what about gum? Well, most gum is made from chewable synthetic polymers like rubber and polyethylene, mixed with a touch of latex injected with artificial flavors and sweeteners. We’re not sure what’s worse: the bad breath of the gum. 

Instead, experiment with our natural remedies and find the thing that keeps you so fresh and so clean.

First, though, keep your mouth clean. Bad breath is generally caused by bacteria that grows on food that gets lodged in your mouth. The bacteria releases sulphur compounds that are the makings of nasty breath. The majority of odor-causing bacteria lives in the more stagnant parts of your tongue, like way back in there. Use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush to get to it. 

Otherwise, here are some handy quick fixes to cure bad breath:

  1. End your meals by squeezing half a lemon into a glass of water, and gargling. 
  2. You can also end your meals by chewing a few sunflower seeds and drinking a glass of water. 
  3. Chew on fresh parsley.
  4. Chew on one clove after each meal (or, dare I say it, cigarette).
  5. Make sure you drink eight cups of water a day to keep your mouth hydrated, and fresh. 
  6. If you have chronic bad breath, try eating organic yogurt twice a day for six weeks.
  7. An apple a day helps keep bad breath at bay.

And, because no breath is as bad as your pets, we’ll leave you with our Organic Dog Breath Freshener.

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