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10 Eco Chic Dinner Party Clean Up Tips


The dress was hot, the heels were smoking and the local, organic food was delicious. It's 10am the next morning, and it's time to clean up after a successful dinner party thrown for 10 of your closest friends. All of your guests left happy and deliciously satisfied. You have an-hour-and-a-half to clean up what you can before you dress and dash to that 12:30 champagne brunch, you and your friends scheduled as they walked out the door at 2am.What's first on the clean up list?

1. Put On Your Favorite Groovin' Music

To get you in the clean up mood, put on your favorite tunes and crank it up! Now may be a good time to finish off that last glass of champagne that's sitting in the bottle (because you know it's going to go bad).Now you're ready to get to work.

2. Put Away Non-Perishable Foods

    Despite your best efforts at cleaning up, you may have left out a few non-perishable food items. Remember, store your delicious organic foods in glass containers (not plastic). You don't want those yucky chemicals leaching into your foods, especially meat, cheese or oily foods.

    3. Compost Any Remaining Veggie Scraps

      Remember you're making that nutritious compost for your urban vegetable garden (or container garden)!

      4. Pre-Spot Used Linens

        I hope by now you're using cloth napkins, placemats or a table cloth (instead of cheap disposables that just plug up the landfills). Pre-spot them and toss them in the washing machine along with your eco friendly laundry detergent.


        5. Recycle Empty Wine Bottles (and anything your city will recycle!)

        If you don't have a simple recycling system set up in your home, do it (most Americans don't recycle suprisingly). It makes recycling automatic and easy. All you need is one trash can for trash and second for recyclables.

        Recyle at

        6. Bring in Empty Dishes, Glassware and Silver

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            From the Organic Authority Files

            If you have room on your kitchen counters, bring in any remaining dishes and wine glasses from the dining room table and around the house.

            7. Load The First Round Of Dishes

              Get that dishwasher going!Remember to use your favorite eco friendly dish washing liquid.

              8. Whip out Your Favorite All Purpose Green Cleaning Product

              If you now have open counter space, wipe down those kitchen counters with your healthy non-toxic kitchen spray.Remember most antibacterial cleaners contain triclosan. This is a chemical that the European Union has banned has been linked to cancer, developmental toxicity, skin irritation, and endocrine disruption, While you're at it, wipe down those refrigerator handles, kitchen cupboards and knobs.

              If you're out of your favorite green household cleaner no worries, throw some distilled white vinegar, water and few drops of your favorite essential oils into a spray bottle to get that spa fresh scent!

              Straight 5 percent vinegar kills 99% of all bacteria, 82% of all molds, and 80% of germs and viruses. The only reason vinegar manufacturers cannot put the antibacterial label on their product is that it is not registered with the EPA as a pesticide.

              Here's a simple recipe for your easy, do-it-yourself green cleaner:

              Green Goodness All Purpose Green Home Cleaner


              1 spray bottle
              1 ½ cups distilled white vinegar
              2 cups of water
              10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil, i.e. lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine (optional)

              How To:

              Fill your spray bottle with all ingredients. Shake to combine (and give a little shake before each use). Use to clean surfaces in and around the house like kitchen counter tops, refrigerator handles and appliances, to keep porcelain and fixtures shining bright. Follow with a clean cloth for a bright shine!

              Remember if you're not 100% satisfied with the do-it-yourself spray cleaner, simply pick up your favorite non-toxic, all purpose cleaner at your favorite local natural food market next time.

              9. Unload That Dishwasher

              And start round two in your dishwasher!

              10. Jump In The Shower

              It's time to clean up you! Remember keep that shower short, water is a precious resource. Throw on that cute dress you picked up on sale with those sexy sandals and you're off to brunch!

              Images: waldenpond, vonlohmann

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