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10 Sustainable Christmas Tree Alternatives That Will Make You Want to Leave Real Trees in the Forest

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cardboard tree

A Christmas tree really sets the tone for that holiday feeling, and is a nice way of remembering how nature is interconnected to our celebrations. However, cutting down the tops of beautiful fir trees just so that they can dwell in our living rooms for a month, seems somewhat unnecessary, not to mention, not all of us can even fit or afford a traditional Christmas tree. Check out our 10 favorite ideas for sustainable Christmas tree alternatives for this year's holiday season!

1. Recycled Cardboard Laser Cut Christmas Tree

This tree (pictured above) is perfect for smaller spaces tiny ornaments. At about 4 feet tall, it's ideal in a living room or even the corner of a kitchen, and can hold most ornaments on its branches. Choose from brown or white cardboard!


2. Pallet Christmas Tree

Who would've thought that a pallet would be useful as a Christmas tree alternative (although, it was once a tree, too)? Here it takes centers stage as one of the most simple, yet rustically enchanting, Christmas tree alternatives on our list. Just hammer in some nails to hang your decorations off of and you'll b e all set!

ladder tree

3. Ladder Christmas Tree

Have a ladder in the garage? Turn it into a Christmas tree with some painted pieces of plywood, presents, garland wrapping and a star on top!

stick tree

4. Stick Christmas Tree

In keeping with the wood theme, this easy to make and affordable tree just requires you to gather some sticks from the yard, and twine for tying them together. Adorn it with some lights and pompoms and you'll have an earthy and rootsy tree!


5. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

This is such a brilliant idea that we wanted to share how to make a chalkboard wall in your home. It's the perfect way to create your own, unique Christmas tree, and can be used for so many different art projects after the holidays!

mobile tree
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6. Mobile Christmas Tree

This stylish and quirky Christmas tree alternative only requires a few tools, and is perfect for a simple, modern home. Learn how to make one yourself!

ornament mobile

7. Ornament Mobile Christmas Tree

Like the idea above, this Christmas tree functions as a suspended mobile, creating a very beautiful and delicate holiday decoration. You can get ornaments that are matching, or make a multicolored one with ornaments you already have!

trees in pots

8. Growing Christmas Tree

If you're looking for the most sustainable, eco-friendly Christmas tree option, grow your own in a pot for the holidays! Just pick one up from your local nursery, and plant it outside once the snow melts.

wine cork tree

9. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Do you have a collection of wine corks that are just waiting to be put to use? Make this cute wine cork Christmas tree for the perfect holiday centerpiece!

bottle tree

10. Green Bottle Christmas Tree

This one is bordering on ridiculous, but we had to include for the grand finale - notice the bottle cap star!

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