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4 Ways to Repurpose Vintage Sheets into Home Décor


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Funky bright-colored vintage bed sheets carry a certain charm. Making up a bed with bold-patterned vintage linens adds cheerfulness to a bedroom. Why not bring that fun to the other rooms in your home? Learn four ways to repurpose vintage bed sheets into cheery home accents.

1. Fashion vintage bed sheets into curtains.


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One of the simplest ways to transform vintage bed sheets into punchy décor for any room is to make them into curtains. Not only will they dress up a room, but repurposing bed sheets will also save you money on the, often expensive, price of draperies.

Some bed sheets may already have a pocket of space along the hem that would allow you to fit them onto a curtain rod and hang them immediately. If not, you will need to hem them or take them to a seamstress. You could also hang them using curtain clips.

Twin sheets work best for curtains. Two twin sheets should work for most windows.

2. Use vintage bed sheets as art.


Image: rchach

Vintage bed sheets often come in powerful flower patterns, or vivid polka dots or stripes. Choose a pattern that fits your style to transform into easy do-it-yourself wall art.

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This project requires a canvas board in the size of your choosing and a staple gun. You can find canvas boards at crafts and art supply stores.

To create the art, lay the bed sheet on a flat surface and place the canvas face down on top of the sheet. Fold the sheet around the edges of the board, like you would wrap a present. You may need to trim the sheet to fit better. Next, staple the fabric into place along the back of the board. Be careful that the fabric doesn’t wrinkle so the front of the piece looks smooth.

Hang your new art piece on the wall. Try covering two or three canvas boards in different patterns and hang them in a row for a funky arrangement. Or hang the art above your bed as an unconventional headboard.

3. Use vintage bed sheets as tablecloths.


Image: queenie13

Spice up a drab kitchen table by using a vintage bed sheet as a tablecloth. Layer several bed sheets in varying patterns over the table at your next party for a quick decoration.

4. Create accent pillows using vintage bed sheets.


Image: kag2u

Use vintage bed sheets or the remnants from the projects mentioned above to fashion retro accent pillows to go with your healthy organic bedding or on the couch.

This project will require a sewing machine. First, cut a bed sheet into two squares of the same size for each pillow. Make sure they are about a half an inch bigger than the size you want the pillow to be. Place the squares together with the brighter side facing inwards. Sew three of the sides and then about one third of the way in on both edges of the fourth side. Turn the fabric right side out. Stuff the pillow with filling then hand stitch the opening closed.

Mix and match different patterns and pillow sizes for a fun look.

Vintage bed sheets are readily available at thrift stores, secondhand stores and flea markets. You can also find fun (and budget-friendly) vintage bedding on Ebay and Etsy. Search “vintage bedding” and “vintage bed sheets."

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