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5 Innovative Indoor Garden Designs

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Perhaps you have a garden, and you've already thought about how to get your organic garden started. Or, if you live in an apartment, you might have considered setting up a windowsill garden or a container garden, or you may even be lucky enough to live near some fantastic vertical urban gardens!

However, if you don't have a community garden nearby and don't fancy making one yourself, then take a look at some of these super innovative design ideas for gardens inside your home. Some of them are available to buy now and others are just fantastic concepts, but either way they should definitely be marvelled at!

1. Plant Growing Fridge

The plant growing fridge was thought up by industrial design student Hanna Sandstrom in collaboration with Green Fortune and Whirlpool. She devised the concept for the fridge when she realised that people want to grow plants and food in their homes but don't want the responsibility of having to look after them. With this specially designed fridge users can grow their own plants but don't need to worry about leaving them without water or nutrition for a few days as the fridge controls most of the their basic needs.

2. Urbio

Urbio is a collaboration between designers which aims to make interior walls much more green and interesting. The unique Urbio design works with strong magnets which can be used to attach the small eco plant pots to the main wall or even other pots. The smooth, white pots have a pebble-like quality which would look natural on both outside or inside walls. The components are available on the Urbio website and start from $20. 

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3. Indoor Herb Garden

The indoor herb garden created by designer Albert Kwon may not look or sound as impressive as the other designs, but the thinking behind it is certainly interestng. Kwon wanted to create an easy-to-use and convenient system which would teach people that they can make and grow their food themselves without having to depend on big corporations. Kwon's herb garden consists of pots arranged on a cedar wood table and below it is a water reservoir which is enough to feed the plants on the surface for two weeks.

4. Kitchen Nano Garden

The Kitchen Nano Garden was designed for Fast Co Design's International Design Excellence Awards back in 2010. It's essentially a vegetable garden which in many ways looks after itself, alerting the home owner when the plants need watering or feeding and acting as an air purifier to get rid of smells.


5. Urb Garden

The Urb Garden (pictured above) created by designer Xavier Calluaud is similar to the Urbio in that it's a vertical urban garden that you can have inside or outside your home. It also has an integrated worm farm and a cute little cubby hole design.

Images via Urbio, FastCo Design and Urb Garden.

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