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Sweater Shmeater! 9 FUN Ways to Keep Warm this Winter


Does anyone really love winter? Oh sure, you skiers might rejoice over the first powder as it prowls down to Earth, but what about when it's negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit on a Monday morning and your car is iced up? And little else can rival the aggravation of a drafty house that's supposed to protect us from the elements. Enough with the Snuggies and leg warmers… isn't there something else we can do to keep the house warm?

Being mindful of how much energy we use is important for our planet and our checking account. So keeping the temperature set to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is a great starting point, as is plugging gaps and installing storm windows. And here are nine more slightly exciting ways to keep your house full of heat this season.

  1. Take up yoga: The deep breathing and good workout a flow yoga class provides will keep your core temp up long after you return from the studio. Or better yet, practice at home.
  2. Eat spicy foods: After yoga grab some takeaway from a local Chinese, Thai or Indian restaurant for a yummy warming courtesy of peppers. That good sweat beading up on your forehead from Kung Pao tofu will boost your body heat and warm you for the night.
  3. Cook & Bake: An active kitchen heats the whole house. The oven is on, smells are warming and it's the healthy choice. Plusm you're moving your body and spending time with the family.
  4. Have sex: What heats you up like a good roll in the hay? Hopefully the answer is nothing. 'Nuff said.
  5. Throw a party: People equal body heat. Make it a potluck and let the laughter, warm food and warm bodies heat up your house with good memories.
  6. Get a hobby: Sitting in front of the TV should leave you feeling cold. But knitting, sketching, making your own holiday cards—they keep the mind and body focused on something inspiring. And, that can make us feel warm and fuzzy.
  7. Do the repairs: Beyond prepping for the winter, what about a leaky faucet or loose floorboard you've been neglecting—or even a toilet in need of a scrub? It'll warm you up and earn you awesome points.
  8. Paint a room: Deep reds and browns are said to make us feel warmer. So, if it's in the budget, paint the living room a warm color and see if it doesn’t heat it up just a bit. You can even find free paints on freecycle or craigslist quite frequently.
  9. Add salt lamps: So you painted the room—give it a little warming accent. Salt crystal lamps are heating, decorative and good for the air. You can often find them for under $50, too.
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