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Wag This: A Food Truck For Dogs


Woof it out, folks. Yes, you did see correctly; that is indeed a food truck—for dogs! Coming May 7th to Chicago, Fido To Go will be delivering the bacon to pampered pets at dog friendly parks and beaches around the city.

The brainchild of dog lovers including Tracy Werner (who also owns an area pet food store), the idea came about after viewing a TV segment about the growing popularity of food trucks for humans, which Werner says seemed like a perfect fit for the pooches.

Although not necessarily the healthiest dog treats, Fido to Go will offer dogs several wag-worthy treat options including two baked cookie varieties: Apple harvest squares and sweet potato puffs. And of course, no summertime food truck would be complete without doggy ice cream. Yep.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Fido to Go will be out and about in search of hungry dogs from May through October, hitting up all the city's hottest spots.

If the success of food trucks or the booming pet industry (which is about $11 billion annually) are any indicator of whether or not Fido to Go will succeed, we're banking on seeing a lot more of these trucks around the country, especially in year-round seasonable dog park climates such as Los Angeles.

The only thing that may doom this enterprise is the inherent disdain for trucks that most dogs seem to have. If this dog truck succeeds in approaching a pack of dogs without them barking incessantly, it could give new hope to mace-carrying mailmen and UPS delivery truck drivers everywhere.

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