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Image of grilled artichokes recipe in a white roasting pan with a black background and a small black ramekin of gremolata nestled in the corner, a white spider (large slotted spoon) rests on top of the roasting pan.
Credit: "The Summer Table" by Lisa Lemke
June 13, 2024
This grilled artichokes recipe will bring any summer dinner to life as a side dish or even a vegetarian main course. Fire up the grill and get the recipe now.
Credit: Ally Jane Grossan
June 13, 2024
This barely spicy blistered shishito peppers recipe will brighten up your menu all summer long. These peppers are healthy, easy to eat, and VERY easy to make.
May 3, 2024
This guacamole recipe is teeming with eye-opening freshness and gusto, coming from a lively mix of herbs, lime juice, and spicy jalapeno.
Image of healthy Vegetarian vegan 5 layer black ben dip on a table served with a small bowl of tortilla chips. It's the healthiest 5 layer bean dip ever via Organic Authority
Credit: Photo by Lauren Lobley
May 3, 2024
A healthy take on classic Mexican black bean dip, this warm, vegan 5 layer dip is covered in in fresh guacamole. It's insanely delicious. Serve it warm.
Healthy and delicious cauliflower hot wings on parchment paper.
Credit: Image by Kate Gavlick.
February 7, 2024
Add some plants to your game day eats – this cauliflower hot wings recipe is seriously delicious.
Image of a closeup of homemade baked potato chips with a small bowl of dip, healthier than their store-bought counterparts.
Credit: Photo by Karissa Bowers
February 7, 2024
This 3-ingredient homemade baked potato chip recipe couldn't be easier, bringing on the crisp and crunch with no added fat!
How To Make French Fries In The Oven
January 13, 2022
Eat smart on better for you oven baked French fries, made from scratch. They're healthy and delicious.
Wow-Worthy Broccoli Rabe Crostini in Just 15 Minutes
Credit: Images by Stephanie Gupana
December 7, 2021
Seasonal broccoli rabe makes for the simplest hors d'oeuvre ever.
Garlic, Lemon Butter Bean Dip Recipe
Credit: Images by Stephanie Gupana
September 10, 2021
This plant-based butter bean dip packs plant-protein, fiber, and cholesterol-lowering properties packed with flavor from fresh garlic and lemon, a perfect summer staple alternative to traditional hummus.
Hummus Recipes
June 11, 2021
Make these delicious veg hummus style recipes for a party or one at a time to snack on all week long.