3 Organic Vegan Wines to ¡Salud! to

After a long, busy day there’s nothing quite like pouring a tall glass of organic wine and kicking back as the relaxation sets in. Hate to be a buzz kill, but that vino may have more than just grapes in it. Many wines are refined and clarified with egg, fish bladder and/or gelatin to remove various particles, which is enough of a surprise to send your body back into that dreadful tense state. Fortunately, there are some alternatives that even the strictest vegan will toast to. Here are our top three recommendations you can sip fret-free.

Frey Vineyards

Certified organic and biodynamic, this California winery has mastered taste without using animal products or sulfites and has therefore become a popular choice among vegans and those who prefer a headache-free drink (check out the vast testimonials). Prices average around $16 a bottle, which are available in stores like Whole Foods and via Frey’s website.

Organic Vinters

It’s no surprise that an artisanal company from Boulder, Colorado takes great pride in the healthy and sustainable wine they import and distribute from the best regions in the world. Their handcrafted, low-sulfite vin originates from Argentina (their popular Pircas Negras), Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and California. Self declared “the world’s finest organic wines,” they have won many awards from Wine Enthusiast and competitions. Easily found at natural markets, the prices depend on the variety, but fall as low as $10 despite the high-quality.

The Vegan Vine

The new kid on the block, this small collection is grown and produced by an experienced California winery that was inspired to try their hand at a wine free of animal products. Though not certified organic (yet), they broadcast their veganism spiel on their bottles and are the first in their field to be certified sustainable, owing to factors like the non-toxic sprays used on their grapes and light weight eco-glass. Vegan Vine is slowly making it’s way into the market, retailing between $12-$16 and can currently be found at stores and restaurants in California, Texas and Washington.

Can’t find any of those wines in your local market? Visit Organic Wine Company and get your vino virtually. You can also consult Barnivore to find out if your favorite wines just happen to be animal-free, such as some varieties of Francis Ford Coppola and Charles Shaw.

Image: cproppe