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This Creamy Watermelon Sorbet Recipe Has an Unexpected Ingredient [Video]

With just three ingredients, this watermelon sorbet recipe is super simple, healthy, and delicious.

This sorbet tastes like summer camp. Bananas, an unexpected ingredient in sorbet recipes, add creaminess without the extra stickiness of cream or sugar. We also throw in a splash of plant-based milk, so you could even call this a sherbet recipe, if you want! Pack this frozen treat into an insulated container to take it lakeside, or heck, just eat it on the couch. It's great no matter where you are.

Watch the video all the way through to get two extra recipes: one for a refreshing watermelon salad with a fresh, peppery bite, and one for a sweet watermelon twist on a classic margarita.

Pink watermelon sorbet or ice cream scooped into bowl
Scoops of pink watermelon sorbet in a bowl
  • Cook Time
  • Prep Time
  • 5-6Servings


  • 3 cups of chopped watermelon 
  • 2 bananas 
  • ¼ cup of plant based milk of choice 


  1. Start by cutting watermelon and bananas.
  2. Place into a freezer safe dish and freeze overnight.
  3. Add frozen bananas and watermelon to a high speed blender. Blend on high, adding in a bit of milk at a time.
  4. Continue to blend until a creamy consistency occurs.
  5. Scoop into a freezer safe dish, something like a loaf pan works great. Freeze for 2 hours.
  6. Serve! 

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