5 Great Hydrating Foods for Summer

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With the sun beating down in the summer months, it's important to stay hydrated. But don't limit yourself to sucking down glasses of water! While it's important to drink water, especially when it's hot out, there are other ways to stay hydrated and have increased energy to boot. These 5 great hydrating foods are perfect for summertime; not only will you be adding extra water to your diet, but you'll be getting extra natural sugars for quick energy on draining, humid, hot days.

1. Watermelon

As its name suggests, watermelon is made up of more than 80 percent water. Refreshing and sweet, watermelon is perfect as a quick cure to the beginnings of dehydration. The boost of energy from the sugar in watermelon will help stave off symptoms as the water is absorbed by your body. Try using watermelon in some of these hydrating recipes:

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is often served as a vegetable, but it's technically a fruit! The watery membranes containing the seeds are packed full of hydrating H2O; it's no wonder that so many people place cucumber slices in their pitchers of water for a refreshing summertime beverage! Try cucumber in some of these recipes:

3. Orange

Not only are oranges packed full of vitamins -- including vitamin C -- but they're also full of water. Plain orange slices are perfect on a hot day for a burst of energy and added hydration. You can also them in these delicious recipes:

4. Strawberries

Sweet strawberries may taste like pure heaven, but they're actually more than 90 percent water! They're perfect for snacking on in the summertime, when they're in season and widely available at your local farmers markets. Try them in some of these delicious and refreshing recipes:

5. Celery

Celery is 96 percent water, so if you're really in need of a hydrating snack, this is the right place to turn. Try it in a refreshing mint and celery salad, or serve it up just plain as a snack, and reap the benefits.

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