4 Healthy Dip Recipes for Meatless Monday Parties, Hors D’Oeuvres and More

peach salsa

One of the best things about summer is the way the pace slows down. Even though the days of three months of summer break are in our past, there’s something about summer light that makes even a Monday night seem like cause for celebration. That’s why we’re highlighting our favorite healthy dip recipes for Meatless Monday.

Whether you’re going to start a cocktail hour with your husband or have a few girlfriends over and open a bottle of organic wine, these dips are the perfect centerpiece.

First up, a seasonal salsa with just a hint of sweetness. This peach salsa combines traditionally savory ingredients like red onion, jalapeño and cilantro with peaches. While the original recipe calls for canned peaches, there’s nothing better in summer than the same recipe with fresh! Choose a combination of white and yellow peaches for a beautiful color contrast.

cauliflower ranch dip recipe

Photography by Oliver Barth

We all love creamy dips, but especially in summer, it can be hard to reckon with those extra calories. Never fear — this ranch-flavored dip has a secret: cauliflower! This cauliflower dip has all the flavor of ranch dressing without the added fat and with an extra serving of veggies. Make it even better by serving it accompanied by an assortment of crudités or even roasted or grilled veggies for dipping.

feta dip

Feta dip image via Shutterstock: studiovd

You’re probably already familiar with Greek tzatziki, but what about other Greek-influenced dips? We love the rich, tangy flavor of this feta dip, perfect for dipping toasted pita bread or pita chips and veggies. We also love the fresh herbs that go into this dip — hopefully straight from your summer herb garden!

white bean hummus recipe

Photos by Ally-Jane Grossan 

We love all kinds of hummus, but this non-traditional version adds a little something extra to your Meatless Monday meals. Our hummus is made with white beans and roasted garlic, which add depth of flavor to the traditional purée. A touch of smoked sea salt is the finishing touch that will have all your friends begging for this recipe.

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Peach salsa image via Shutterstock

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