4 Vibrant Spinach Recipes for Meatless Monday (Make Popeye Proud!)

raw beet salad
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If you watched cartoons growing up, you surely thought spinach was the key to health: after all, it turned Popeye into a superhero with just a pop of a can. We much prefer fresh spinach over the canned kind Popeye so loved, and while it’s certainly tasty plain, it’s also a great ingredient in some of our favorite Meatless Monday recipes. These spinach recipes won’t just make you strong — they’ll also make your tastebuds happy.

This colorful spinach salad unites many of our favorite winter vegetables: raw red beets, carrots, and avocado are joined by frozen edamame and quinoa for a filling salad that’s rich in vital nutrients. A cider vinaigrette with a touch of lime juice, fresh herbs, and the sweetener of your choice makes this salad sing, and the combo of colors makes it (nearly) too pretty to eat.

This Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip Will Blow Your Mind
Image: Karissa Bowers

Despite the fact that it has not one but two vegetables in its name, spinach and artichoke dip usually contains more fat than fiber. Not so with this healthy vegan spinach and artichoke dip made with soft tofu and nutritional yeast. This dip is baked in a cast iron skillet to get it nice and brown on top — it also makes for a beautiful presentation right out of the oven.

green curry

This unique curry recipe unites elements of Thai, Japanese, and Indian curries for an aromatic, vibrant dish you’ll love. A coconut milk base is combined with frozen spinach, curry powder, and a touch of sugar. You can serve it over anything you like, from cooked lentils to fried tofu to a simple bowl of brown rice.

Image of a slice of vegetarian lasagna on a grey ceramic plate.
Image via Kate GavlickCredit: Image by, Kate Gavlick

This spinach and mushroom lasagna recipe is the perfect lighter iteration of one of our favorite comfort foods. The filling is chock-a-block with veggies, and a cashew milk béchamel sauce adds some protein, too. Choose organic mozzarella and parmesan for even more omega-3s than in conventional.

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