The 6 Online Beauty Boutiques You Need to Bookmark Right Now

Woman working at home.
Woman working at home.

Head on over to your bookmarks and you might find something missing. You have all of your favorite eco blogs and magazines (ahem), clothing stores, and the inspo for that new haircut saved, but beauty boutiques? Maybe not.

Although it’s getting easier than ever to find clean health and beauty in the aisles of places like Target, the best place to shop is still online, and it turns out there are plenty of killer stores who do all the leg work of finding the best product picks for you.

Whether you’re skincare obsessed or love the unusual, we’ve rounded up the best online beauty boutiques for the eco-inclined.

6 Amazing Online Beauty Boutiques

1. Best all-rounder: The Detox Market

If you have time to browse, then The Detox Market extensive selection of more than 100 natural beauty and wellness brands will keep you one busy bee. Encompassing everything from superfood powders to artisan fragrance, there’s everything you need to overhaul your health and beauty regime, or simply stock up on some favorites. This is no matter of quantity over quality though, as the team behind The Detox Market put every product to the test, making sure they offer only the most effective natural goods with a strict ingredients policy. There’s always great deals to be had too along with a steady flow of new stock, so be sure to sign up to the newsletter.

2. Best for skincare: Seed To Serum

Once a natural beauty blog of the same namesake, founder Megan evolved her passion for quality, luxury and eco beauty into an online store which is very much a product of love. Everything is influenced by her own signature style, including the photography which is all taken in-house and includes texture and colour swatches of every product. Megan has a particular talent of hunting down the best natural skincare, sourcing from indie beauty brands from all over the world like Black Chicken from down under and the English gem AS.AP to complete her curation. There’s plenty of small-batch U.S. brands to choose from too, alongside extremely useful guides on the pillars of skincare and skin concerns for those who are unsure of what they’re seeking for their skin. A beautiful personal touch!

3. Best for luxury: Integrity Botanicals

Only after the very best clean beauty has to offer? Then Integrity Botanicals is the place for you. This long-standing online boutique handpicks the finest eco beauty, and delivers in style. The store’s collection has an element of exclusivity as the list of brands is edited to include only the most luxurious natural beauty products. We only get one body, so why not treat it to the very best? Customer service is second to none too, which is what keeps Integrity Botanicals’ loyal fan base constantly coming back for more. When you have extra browsing time swing by the blog which is penned by industry expert Susannah Compton!

4. Best for niche: CAP Beauty

Sporting a brick and mortar store in NYC as well as its online space, CAP Beauty has gained a cult following amongst the city’s eco and wellness warriors. Among both the physical and virtual shelves you can find many top clean beauty and wellbeing brands from across the world, but dig a little deeper and you’ll soon discover a treasure trove of interesting finds. Take for example Pearl + Moisturizing Soap, infused with real crushed pearl, or Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath which will help you kiss goodbye to your winter cold. Don’t miss out on CAPsules either – sets and pairings of products that naturally complement each other.

5. Best for makeup: Credo Beauty

There are so many great things about Credo Beauty that it’s hard to choose a highlight. With an approach to natural beauty that is young and fresh, it is essentially an embodiment of the new wave of clean beauty that is ditching that crunchy granola image. One of the things that does set it apart from other online beauty boutiques though is an extensive selection of no nasties makeup. You can find the usual eco darlings such as RMS and Ilia, but also harder to find brands like Lily Lolo and Rituel De Fille which are just as good. On top of that, check out the Clean Beauty Swaps section which is an incredible resource for those who are just beginning to venture into the world of natural beauty.

6. Best for vegans: Petit Vour

All of the above have vegan options among their curation of beauty products, but it can take time to sift through for those who stick to an animal-free beauty regime. That’s where Petit Vour steps in. Although better known for its subscription box, the accompanying boutique is sorely underrated. There is an unmissable array of eco-vegan beauty products that include small batch brands to more established names like Juice Beauty. An added bonus is that you can even sometimes find travel sizes which are unavailable elsewhere – perfect if you’re trying out a product for the first time!

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