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5 Reasons to Visit LA's Moon Juice (That Have Nothing to Do With Juice)

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5 Reasons to Visit Moon Juice that Have Nothing to Do With Juice

While there are juice bars on nearly every corner in major cities these days, none offer quite the same line up of health products as the superfoods haven, Moon Juice. Feeling stressed out or fighting a cold? Moon Juice has a powder, elixir, and special blend to keep you healthy, and hopefully out of the doctor’s office.

Amanda Chantal Bacon started Moon Juice by selling juices and then magical dusts that quickly caught fire, thanks in part to Gwyneth Paltrow’s early obsession. Now, Moon Juice has an entire pantry line of superfoods to balance and bolster the system.

Three stores in Los Angeles can offer in-person recommendations for whatever ails you, and an online site can bring the products to you, based on your health goals. No matter where you live, Moon Juice is offering its customers more than simple smoothies. Here are five reasons you might want to pay Moon Juice a visit.

1. Your Curious About Superfoods, but Don’t Know Where to Start

You’ve heard about superfoods, but couldn’t pick one out of a line-up, and are not convinced that you should. Moon Juice employees are not only knowledgeable about the products and superfoods that they sell, but they can also recommend the best ingredients for your personal situation.

“Every other person comes in saying they have a symptom like their throat hurts or that they feel stressed, and we offer suggestions to help with their specific issue,” says Nicolette Hoffman, Assistant Manager of the original Moon Juice in Venice.

While Hoffman is careful not to use the word "prescribe," she does admit that many people are seeking a treatment is their visits. Of course there's nothing medical about the offerings and anyone with a serious or persistent health issue should always consult first with their primary care physician, but Moon Juice prioritizes the use of ingredients known to strengthen the entire body so that you don’t get sick in the first place.

“People are really curious. They don’t want to be on pharmaceutical drugs. There’s a huge outcry for something beyond a prescription,” says Hoffman.

2. If Moon Dust is Good Enough for Gwyneth, It's Good Enough for You

Moon Juice’s dusts have become something of legend after Gwyneth touted its benefits on Goop. The dusts are now one of the main reasons folks come into the store. It’s the gateway drug if you will, into the Moon Juice world.

5 Reasons to Visit Moon Juice that Have Nothing to Do With Juice

The dusts are all part of the adaptogen family. As Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon explains, “Adaptogens are herbs, mushrooms, and minerals that help our body better respond to stress. These potent allies work by reducing stress-hormone (cortisol) induced cellular damage— improving mood, boosting immunity, and reducing fatigue.”

Bacon’s favorite dust is the sex dust. “I use it as a buzzy feel good energy formula in place of coffee, and sometimes even in a coffee!” Note to self: buy sex dust on next visit to Moon Juice.

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3. You Hate Taking Pills but Want Some Added Supplementation

If you’ve never learned the art of swallowing pills, then you may like what Moon Juice is offering. There are no capsules sold at Moon Juice. All of their pantry products are in powder form.

“Pills are usually covered in cellulose,” explains Hoffman, “and it’s really hard for our bodies to break it down. It takes a lot of energy.” I know my doctor always tells me to try and get supplements in liquid or powder form, so I’m down with the dust.

Moon Juice recommends putting powdered herbs into some hot water before consuming. “The heat breaks down the cell membranes of the roots and mushrooms. It makes it more bioavailable and therefore, more easily absorbed into your body. It’s a lot more potent that way,” says Hoffman.

4. Your Green Juice Isn’t Delivering Your Promised Morning Pick Me Up

You love the ease and efficiency of your green juice or smoothie for breakfast, but 30 minutes after drinking it, you’re ready for a nap. That’s not what you’re looking for in your morning sustenance.

Hoffman listened to my woes of stress, adrenal fatigue, and hormone imbalance, ah to be a woman who juggles too many balls, and moved right to the blender. My custom-made morning elixir was the Goodness Greens veggie juice with just green vegetables and avocado, and then came the superfoods. There was some power dust, pearl, ashwagandha, and cordyceps for whole-body support and balance.

How did I feel after I drank my custom juice? Well, I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, I would imagine that I would feel the same burst of energy I hear others talk about after their morning cup of joe. If I can get my body aligned through sucking juice through a straw, then I’m game!

5. You Want a Healthy Snack, But Don’t Have a Dehydrator or Cooking Skills

Moon Juice doesn’t stop at beverages and powders. The shops also sell superfood snacks to support the system, like green fermented seed crisps with cabbage, daikon, dandelion, nettle leaf, sunflower, and flax seeds. I had the addicting activated turmeric, coconut, and lime pepitas that left all 10 of my fingers yellow (I do tend to get very involved with my food), but my belly oh so happy.

At $6 per 2-ounce bag, I thought twice about immediately washing my hands so I could enjoy the taste a little while longer. The price is one of the downsides of Moon Juice. The products are not cheap, but the ingredients are organic, raw, and unpasteurized. If you’re going to invest in some quality health supplements, you do want to ensure that you’re not just paying for synthetic fillers.

It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor or a health professional before starting any new health programs or supplements. Once you know what areas of your body could use some bolstering, a visit to Moon Juice may help you on your path to total wellness.

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