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Skip the Bone Meal When it Comes to Pet Food


The amazing folks at Environmental Working Group are at it again...this time, protecting our pets!

The non-profit think tank's latest study - the full results of which haven't been released yet - tested 10 brands of dog food. Of those 10, they found that eight of them showed dangerous levels of fluoride.

While most of us think of fluoride as good for us, in high levels it can be very bad for humans and animals, causing brittle bones. Too much fluoride contributes to bone cancer (a big problem for big dogs), thyroid disruption and changes in behavior.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The top recommendation? Avoid any pet food containing bone meal.

Laura Klein, pictured here with one of her two dogs, Bamboo, recommends an organic diet for your pooch: read about the top five benefits of natural organic pet food, here!

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