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13 Tasty and Healthy Grocery Delivery Services to Try Right Now

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Think grocery delivery just means greasy takeout? Think again.

In the last few years there has been a rise in grocery delivery services that focus on conscious, organic and healthy food. And that's a good thing for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs a hand with food once in awhile. We've all been there after all. Be it fresh produce or a full-blown meal, here are 13 food delivery services to prove that the pizza delivery guy is out and the farm-to-table delivery guy is in.

1. Blue Apron

Sometimes you have the time to cook but not the time to shop. The weekly subscription service Blue Apron can help, delivering fresh ingredients to make three healthy meals. The company works to source many of its ingredients locally and sustainably. And even when you run a food delivery company there's bound to be leftovers; which is why Blue Apron works with City Harvest to donate extra food to those in need.

2. Green Polka Dot Box

Green Polka Dot Box is an online retailer that functions as a member's club. It's essentially an online version of Costco, but all they offer are organic, natural and non-GMO foods. That means that you can shop from the comfort of your own home and get up to 60 percent off of normal retail prices of pretty much any product you would find in the health food aisle at your local supermarket. Who doesn't want a mega shipment of Bob's Red Mill flours sent straight to their door?

3. Healthy Bites

If you live in the DC area, you can take advantage of Healthy Bites, a meal-delivery service that drops off food at your doorstep twice a week. The meals are made with organic ingredients and the produce, eggs, meat and dairy are purchased from local farmers whenever possible.

4. Madison & Rayne

Chicago-based eaters can take advantage of Madison & Rayne. It's sort of like having a personal chef - all the fresh and local ingredients are pre-measured, chopped, marinated and seasoned and all you have to do once they show up is put them all together. That means minimal prep and minimal clean up so you can spend more time sitting and eating.

5. Plated

Imagine if you had a chef always cooking for you in your kitchen. Sounds nice doesn't it? While you may not be in the market for an in-house chef, what you can do is sign up for Plated, a service that works with chefs to develop recipes and then delivers everything you need to make the meals at home. There are 7 new recipes each week, 3 of which are vegetarian. You choose which meals you want, and the ingredients, which are often locally sourced, are delivered to your doorstep the next.

6. Primal Organic

If you're a Paleo eater and in the Miami area, then you'll want to check out Primal Organic. Each meal on the weekly menu is Paleo and gluten-free, and you get breakfast, lunch or dinner or even Paleo-friendly snacks delivered to you.

7. Soup Cycle

Forget truck delivery - if you're truly committed to eating local then you want your food delivered by bicycle, don't you? For that there's Soup Cycle in Portland, Oregon (where else?). Soup, salad and even multigrain bread delivered to your home or office, all by bicycle. The company works with local, organic farmers to source ingredients, and there is always a vegetarian and vegan option available.

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SPUD, which stands for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, covers much of the west coast, including Los Angeles and Vancouver. They don't just deliver produce; you can order everything from local baked goods to milk.

9. Sweet Roots NYC

Some people want food delivery but don't like the general options available. For that there's Sweet Roots NYC. Individually working with clients, this farm-to-table meal delivery service develops a meal plan based upon your culinary preferences, and then measures and chops everything you need to make the recipes at home.

10. The Fare Trade

With all the artisan producers in the country, how are you supposed to try them all? Sign up for The Fare Trade. The monthly subscription service works with chefs to handpick craft food products that are then delivered to your door. You get new artisan goods each month, and even access to online recipes so that you know how to put them to use. As The Fare Trade puts it, "a culinary club for the modern day food lover."

11. Veestro

Veestro delivers 100 percent vegan meals anywhere in the continental United States. The meals are frozen, which means you can keep them on hand for those times that you need healthy food in a pinch. You can sign up for full meal plans or pick and choose from the wide variety of meals available on their website.

12. Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Let's be honest: as much as you want to only snack on raw almonds and apple slices, sometimes you want a little indulgence. Enter the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. Every month you'll get a variety of vegan-friendly snacks delivered straight to your door. Hello chocolate chip cookies.

13. Veggie Brothers

Sometimes getting food delivered when you're a vegetarian or vegan can be tough. Veggie Brothers solves that problem with chef prepared vegan meals delivered straight to your door. They deliver in the U.S. and Canada, making it easy to get a plant-based meal no matter where you are.

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