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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Vegan Truffles


Last week, we brought you our very own recipe for the most delectable of handmade gifts this holiday season: Chocolate Truffles. And while our recipe showcasing a dark ginger-spiced ganache with a white chocolate coating and a topping of crystallized ginger wasn't vegan, some of our favorite foodie bloggers busted out mouthwatering recipes for the perfect little chocolately treats that are in fact vegan, making for do-it-yourself, incredibly thoughtful and eco-friendly goodness. Mix and match these recipes for a truffle sampler like none other. 

Over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs, recipes are sugar-free and gluten-free for anti-candida living (and sprinkled with some doggie wisdom) - I'm sure that speaks to someone on your list! Give these A Matcha Made in Heaven: Chocolate and Green Tea Truffles for Everyone a whirl for an antioxidant-packed dose of deliciousness.

Want something just a bit more decadent? Over at Healthy Seasonal Recipes they've unveiled some Clementine Rum Balls which we guarantee will elevate your loved ones' conotations with the word vegan, along with their alcohol levels.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Add to that the Peanut Butter Balls from Free Eats that are actually made with creamy almond butter, and you will be expected to deliver these babies again next year, no excuses!

And also, keep a look out for the upcoming ebook Love Raw by Karolina Eleonora that will teach you all about the art of homemade raw candy with plenty of chocolate truffle recipes to add to your repertoire.

The vegan chocolate truffle sampler was just born, and boy are we glad!

image: SweetOnVeg

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