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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Vegan Pizza


World Go Vegan Week is upon us (October 24th through 31st)! A celebration of compassion for animals and the environment, this is the week to go big by starting super small. And how, you might ask. Two words: Vegan Pizza. 

Animal rights organization, In Defense of Animals (IDA), is asking you (and so are we!) to take a really simple step in your own community to make vegan an all-around more accessible option. Take a moment and go in or phone in to your favorite pizzeria with a request to offer a vegan pizza on their menu. As easy as that. In fact, IDA has partnered with Daiya cheese (the best vegan cheese ever!) to provide a free sample of their cheese for pizza shops to try if they are so willing. Check out IDA's blog for more information, especially on some talking points to convince those reluctant pizza shop owners.

With World Go Vegan Week and vegan pizza on the mind, we thought a recipe roundup of the latter would prove perfect to satisfy you until you're able to get those menus amended. These recipes will make you crave vegan pizza like you never thought possible, trust me!

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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Combine two incredible things - Moroccan flavors and pizza - for a truly memorable flat bread experience. This recipe for a Moroccan Pizza from Veggie Num Num is yum yum. But, you can also make it a little easier on yourself (but just as delicious!) with their Indian Spiced Pita Pizzas where you aren't required to fashion your own dough from scratch. 
  • Go for the real deal with this recipe forChicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza brought to us via Vegan Appetite. With vegan sausage and a homemade thicker-than-thick pizza crust, the hungriest of eaters will leave this deep dish stuffed.
  • Keep it seasonal and farm-to-fork inspired with these recipes from Happy Healthy Life for a Balsamic Brussels Sprout Pearl Onion Vegan Pizza or the kid-friendly Silly Sweet Potato Pizza. The food photography alone will have you drooling for these...

Happy Vegan Pizza-ing, and Happiest of World Go Vegan Weeks. Enjoy!

image: veganmyass

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