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4 Antioxidant-Rich Salad Recipes for the Year's First Meatless Monday

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The holidays are over, and we all know what that means -- recommitting to our goals to eat healthfully. For that, what's better than a bright, fresh salad bursting with an extra dose of antioxidants to ward off winter colds and flus? We've tracked down four delicious salad recipes to enjoy this Meatless Monday and get yourself back on the healthful eating track.

The deep green of kale and bright red of goji berries lend seasonal colors to this nutrient-rich salad. The recipe offers a few tricks to bring out the natural flavors in these simple ingredients: soaking the goji berries in water highlights their natural sweetness and gives them a more toothsome texture, and toasting the pine nuts brings out their oils and adds to their nutty aroma. Quinoa adds bulk to this salad, which is served with a simple garlic and cider vinaigrette.

Vegan sweet potato salad recipe

Potato Salad Image from Shutterstock

Potato salad usually isn't all that healthy a choice, but this version -- made with vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and a lighter cider vinegar and vegan mayonnaise-based dressing -- gives more traditional recipes a run for their money. Red onion, celery, and dill add loads of flavor and freshness to this sweet potato salad. While we love it as a side, it's also delicious -- and nutritious -- all on its own.

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Kidney beans may not the first antioxidant-rich ingredient you think of, but they're actually one of the best sources out there, with more antioxidants than either blackberries or cilantro. Combined with green beans, wax beans, black-eyed peas, and garbanzo beans, they make a filling vegan salad to enjoy for Meatless Monday. Raw bell pepper adds crunch to this salad, and fresh herbs and a Champagne vinaigrette add a bit more zing.

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pomegranate: A Raw, Colorful Delight

Raw Brussels sprouts are the perfect base for one of our favorite salad recipes, filled with vitamin C and vitamin K. Pomegranate adds an antioxidant boost and a delicious burst of sweetness that pairs perfectly with the light nuttiness of the Brussels sprouts. A simple shallot vinaigrette is the perfect finishing touch.

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