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19 Love-Filled Ways to Make Every Day Valentine's Day

Be love. Feel love.
19 Ways to Feel Valentine's Day Love Every Day

It's almost Valentine's Day and the energy of love is definitely in the air. Whatever your heart's desire - here are 19 ways to raise the vibration of love in your life to give you all the good feels. 

1. Discover a high-vibe energy love kit

Ele Keats

@ Ele Keats 

Energetic gem designer, Ele Keats, created the Heart Healing Sacred Stones Kit. It combines the energy of two rare high-vibe stones, rhodochrosite and kunzite, to encourage deep healing and universal love. Together these radiant stones create powerful alchemy to clear, mend, uplift, and open your heart.

2. Say "I Love You" in 100 languages 

"I love you" Necklace

@ Miracle Finds 

This necklace from Miracle Finds uses nanotechnology in the pendant to say "I love you" in 100 different languages. Simply light it up with your phone flashlight or camera and watch it come to life. 

3. Enjoy a sound bath

The Copper Vessel

@ Susy Schieffelin / @TheCopperVessel

Sound healer Susy Schieffelin explains that “sound baths are like a relaxing deep tissue massage. You’re bathed in healing frequencies designed to bring your entire being into a state of harmony. Crystal Alchemy bowls attuned to the “F” note correspond to the heart chakra so you can drop out of your head and into your heart and call in the energy of unconditional love.” 

4. Radiate love with rose quartz infused oil 

@ Herbivore

@ Herbivore

Feel the subtle feminine energy of Herbivore's Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil to give you glow-y, soft and subtle luminous skin. Made with 100 percent natural hydrating oils like camellia and orchid extract and natural florals of Moroccan rose and jasmine grandiflorum. Create a ritual of connecting to your heart every time you put this on your body. 

5. Discover heart-centered crystal rituals

Crystal Muse

© Energy Muse

Flip straight to chapter eight in Crystal Muse where you'll find rituals on how to attract love, rekindle passion, love yourself more, and even mend your heart. This includes the authors' signature 40-Day Love Ritual and Self-Love Wheel Ritual. 

6. Meditate with raw rose quartz

Raw Rose Quartz at Energy Muse

@ Energy Muse

This raw rose quartz from Energy Muse emits pure, unpolished, unfiltered love. Co-founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, offers this daily meditation ritual. She says, "Put the Rose Quartz crystal over your heart and then make six deep 'ahhh' sighs. Six is the number that represents love. With each breath, visualize yourself landing in the center of your heart. When you land in your heart, you emit the energy of love and raise your love vibration." 

7. Get your glow on 

Rose quartz Gua Sha

@ Odacitè

Pamper yourself with Odacitè's Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Tool. Known as a beautifying crystal, rose quartz not only increases self-love but also helps you shine by releasing tension in your face. 

8. Honor your intimate feminity 

Rosebud Vaginal Skin Care

© Rosebud 

Rosebud's luxury vaginal skincare line creates ritual-based treatments for a woman's most intimate areas. Naturally formulated to help women achieve a natural balance, daily use helps honor a woman's femininity and moisturize her most intimate region while fostering a deeper personal relationship with her body. 

9. Get rosy lips and cheeks

Lather Lip and Cheek Tint


Make your lips and cheeks utterly kissable with LATHER's 100% natural and vegan lip and cheek tint. A dual-purpose tube, it hydrates your lips with botanical oils and adds a flattering pop of color to your cheeks. 

10. Indulge in a rose facial  

@ Kypris 

@ Kypris 

The 1,000 Rose Facial at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills harnesses the power of biodynamic Bulgarian roses, aromatherapy, a two-step rose quartz cleanse, a rose petal hydration mask and KYPRIS serums. If you can't make it to the spa create your own heart-centered facial at home with rose infused serums and mists.   

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11. Infuse your water with rose quartz 

@ Vie Healing 

@ Vie Healing 

Dr. Masaru Emoto's famous experiment discovered that energy has a direct effect on water crystals. Energize water with the healing properties of rose quartz with Vie Healing Rose Quartz Love's water bottle. Rose quartz also boosts water's alkaline level and oxygenation. 

12. Flaunt red 

Non-toxic red nail polish Kure Bazaar

@ Detox Market 

Paint the town red. Or at least your nails! Kure Bazaar's environmentally friendly formula shines bright with the vibrant colors of romantic Paris fashion. 

13. Take an intentional rose bath

Boxy Girl Beauty

@Boxy™ Beauty 

Intention is everything. Boxy Girl Beauty is a crystal-infused, vegan skincare collection co-created by a pranic practitioner to infuse it with positive energy and love. The pure Himalayan salt, mineral-rich clay, and rose petals nourish the body and elevate the heart. 

14. Try a heart opening yoga pose

Heart opening yoga pose

@ Claire Grieve 

Claire Grieve, yoga specialist and plant-based health coach says, "Fish pose is a gentle, grounding backbend that opens up your heart and stretches the whole front body. Heart openers are energizing poses that balance the heart chakra. These poses help to increase feelings of love, compassion and happiness in all facets of life."

15. Relax with a heart-centered meditation 


Jaime Price, co-founder of Stop, Breathe & Think, says, "One of my favorite ways to raise the vibration of love is to fill up with the feeling of love and then let it flow without limitations. Imagine someone for whom feelings of love and kindness come easy. Allow your heart to fill with feelings of love and goodwill for that person. Fully feel the love and send them kind wishes. As the feeling of love grows, expand it by sending kind wishes to people in your community and all over the world." 

16. Practice gratitude and hug someone 

Dr. Nikki Starr MD

@ Dr. Nikki Starr Noce MD

Energy healer and creator of Adventures in Intimacy Dr. Nikki Starr Noce MD, says, "When you think of what you are grateful for in life and why you can't help but feel love. Another way to raise your love vibration is to hug someone for more than a minute. This allows a chemical release in the brain similar to when we feel love." 

17. Slather on love-infused body serum 

Crystal Hills Serums

@ Crystal Hills 

Created by a Reiki Master Healer, Crystal Hills has a brand mission to infuse the world with love. Its vegan all-natural body serums are energized with crystals and organic botanicals with different healing properties like heart energy to awaken the goddess within.

18. Fill your playlist with love songs 

Is Cardio or Strength Training Your Workout BFF?

Forget Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Create a love song playlist that lifts your spirits and renews your joy for love. Try Moullinex's original production of Love, Love, Love. It'll get you off your chair and dancing.  

19. Light intentional candles  

House of Intuition Candles

@ House of Intuition 

As you light this candle from the House of Intuition, let go of fear as you let in unconditional love. Programmed with energy, every candle has a crystal embedded in it that magnifies your intention of love. 

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