30 Bucket List Musts for a Happy, Healthy Life

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A bucket list usually contains big adventures and lofty goals, like seeing the Amazon jungle, writing a best-selling novel and building a tree house in your back yard.

But if you don’t have your health, it will be quite difficult to achieve any of these. Think of your life like a big, beautiful tree with sprawling branches, sprouting leaves and a few unique knots. Your health is the trunk of this tree. It affects everything else in your life, from your daily routines to special moments. Take care of your health, and you’re taking care of everything else.

Resolve to check off as many of these items on your healthy bucket list that you can. Read down the list, and see which ones you have already conquered. Then find a few new ones and decide what steps you can take to check them off as well.

1. Commit to an ongoing fitness routine that includes both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

2. Switch to all-natural cleaning products.

3. Stretch multiple times every day.

4. Sleep in the nude.

5. Forgive someone that you really don’t want to.

6. Laugh at least once per day.

7. Give up (or drastically reduce your intake of) processed foods.

8. Grow an herb, vegetable or flower garden.

9. Immerse yourself in beautiful natural surroundings as often as possible.

10. Take a vacation at least once per year.

11. Figure out your no-fail de-stressors and use them often, from deep breathing and yoga to Skee-Ball, dancing or pillow fighting. Find what works for you.

12. Wear sunscreen every day.

13. See your doctor/naturopath/therapist on a regular basis – whatever works for your health needs and your lifestyle.

14. Learn something new every day.

15. Wear earplugs at noisy events.

16. Keep your home environment clean. Organized your life to the level that suits you, but don’t ever skimp on basic hygiene and cleanliness.

17. Travel as much as possible. Experience a brand new place at least once per year.

18. Spend time with kids and dogs.

19. Learn how to say “no” to people.

20. Get your yearly flu vaccination and stay current on your TDaP booster (tentanus, diphtheria and pertussis).

21. Set boundaries with your mobile device, and established connection-free time periods when you do not check your email or social media sites. How about 9PM to 9AM?

22. Spend time with people who love you, think that you’re awesome, and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

23. Stop bitching and moaning about life’s travails. No one wants to hear it.

24. Eat fruits and vegetables five times a day.

25. Organize your medical information and health history. You are responsible for your health.

26. Connect with another human being at least once per day.

27. Wash your hands after eating, handling raw food, using the bathroom or rubbing your nose.

28. Get an appropriate amount of sleep every night. For most people, that’s around eight hours.

29. Take the stairs.

30. Think of ten things that you are grateful for every day – perhaps in the morning before you get out of bed.

What else will make you happy and healthy? Feel free to add your own items to the list!

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