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You might have noticed that in the recent weeks of quarantine, you’ve been wearing more athleisure wear than normal. And that's OK! In the era of COVID, this is far from the only adjustment we've made. Here at Organic Authority, we've rounded up 11 Food and Wine Delivery Services to help make it easier to feed your family without braving the grocery store. Maybe you're even growing your own food with these at home garden kits

And maybe you're also giving yourself a much-needed break.

If you're anything like me, Athleisure has become both your work and your workout uniform. It allows you to be comfortable without staying in your pjs all day – and it facilitates the endorphin-boost of a daily (or more-than-daily) workout. 

All that to say... your Athleisure closet might be well overdue for a makeover. And if that's the case, we’re here to help. 

1. Carbon38

5 Athleisure Brands for Your Home Workout

Takara is Carbon38’s best seller, and it’s no surprise: It takes athleisure to a whole new level. The fabric is sleek and shiny, and it flattens and tightens every inch. You could wear their “liquid leggings” all day long, from workout to dinnertime – and they're pretty enough to wear out of doors as soon as quarantine is over. The Takara leggings start at $105, and you get free shipping on orders over $200.

2. Lululemon

5 Athleisure Brands for Your Home Workout

Lululemon is a tried and true brand for a reason. Their gear is long-lasting and worth every penny. Their running shorts are a great fit, and if you’re looking for leggings, try their camo. It looks great and it comes in all sorts of colors. Join their community for virtual workouts or you can even sign up for a “virtual personal shopper.”

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3. AloYoga

5 Athleisure Brands for Your Home Workout

AloYoga is known for having real yogis and yoginis that serve as yoga ambassadors and model clothing on Instagram. Their gear is innovative and interesting, and they seem to bring out new styles all the time. Right now, if you spend $250, you get a free tote bag worth $48. You can also join the OM at Home Challenge and move every day for 30 days for a chance to win weekly prizes.

4. Balance Athletica

5 Athleisure Brands for Your Home Workout

Balance Athletica is a family-owned company that specializes in providing great athletic gear for all body types. The company's stated mission is to empower people to find balance: the key to physical and mental health. Now is a time when we need it more than ever. Spend over $150 and get free shipping.

5. Bandier

5 Athleisure Brands for Your Home Workout

Bandier’s “stay home with style” outfits are perfect for lounging around and working out. Outfits, dubbed "kits" by the brand, start at just $150. Try the "Streaming Shavasana Kit," which includes a Bliss Bra: an ultra-soft stretch bra featuring decorative multi-strap construction and lightweight support. The kit also includes the Exhale Legging, a cropped legging with wide stretchy band and topstitch detailing. For a limited time, all shipping is free. You can also get an extra 15 percent off when you sign up for texts. 

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