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These 5 Types of Yoga Mats Transform Your Practice

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Having the best yoga mat for your preferred style of yoga really makes a significant difference in the quality of your practice. The perfect yoga mat can actually transform your yoga practice, as grip, durability, softness and traction all play a part in how your body is able to move into the different asanas that the yoga practice has to offer.

Check out our 5 favorite yoga mats to find out why we like them, and why you might too!

1. The Reversible Mat (5mm) by Lululemon

The two sides of this mat have different, but very efficient, uses. The smooth side becomes grippy as you sweat, making if perfect for hot yoga or a practice where you easily sweat, such as Ashtanga yoga or Piyoga. The reverse side is textured and designed to hold your grip for a softer practice or a more alignment oriented practice such as Iyengar yoga, requiring you to hold poses for extended periods of time. As an added bonus, there is an antimicrobial additive in the surface of both sides that prevents mold and bacteria from growing on the mat.

2. Henna E.C.O. Yoga Mat by Prana

This mat is also two-sided, one side with a beautiful henna print design and the other with a solid color. Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic thermoplastic elastomers, which are recyclable rubber compounds that can be broken down and used over and over again, this is the perfect mat for the eco warrior yogi.

3. Eko Superlite Travel Mat by Manduka

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For those of you who travel a lot, this is the most ideal mat you could ever imagine! As the name implies, it is incredible light, and folds up to about the size of a book so that you can easily fit it in carry-on luggage. The mat is super grippy and easy to use on any surface from hardwood floors to carpeted hotel room floors. You can place it over a rentable mat at a studio or gym in the place your visiting if you need extra cushioning. This is definitely the mat for yogis on the go!

4. Maui Yoga Mats - Aloha Edition 

Made from renewable natural tree rubber, these eco-friendly yoga mats are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Coined as "The Original Hawaiian Yoga Mat" these mats are perfect for all types of conditions, and are great for outdoor yoga practices. Each mat comes with its own carry strap, and are available in a multitude of colors!

5. Henna Practice Rug by Barefoot Yoga Co

These hand-woven cotton rugs are traditionally used for Ashtanga yoga, but are ideal for any vigorous, dynamic or heated type of yoga practice. The lines woven into the mat act as reference points for your hands and feet, while the cotton soaks up moisture and make the mat easy to wash. These mats can also be placed over rubber mats for extra cushion, and to keep the mat in place on the floor.

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