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5 DIY Natural Deodorant Recipes for Healthy Pits that Don't Stink

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Conventional store-bought deodorant is full of mystery ingredients, including triclosan. Triclosan is a powerful antibacterial, and bacteria is what creates the stink in your pits. Unfortunately, triclosan is linked to health problems in humans, and overuse of this antibacterial is breeding resistant bacteria.

So why not find a healthier version? Well, I've tried a few and was never quite satisfied with them and they're quite expensive. There are some great natural deodorant options out there. But for me, making my own was the healthiest and most budget-friendly choice. Chances are you already have many of the ingredients for these five DIY natural deodorant recipes right in your pantry.

1. 2-Ingredient Deodorant: You can make a super healthy and simple deodorant at home using just baking soda and essential oil.

2. Stick Deodorant: I use a homemade deodorant stick made with coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch and Purification essential oil. For my husband, I add a bit of Citrus Fresh since he loves that scent. I also really like this deodorant stick made with Christmas Spirit scent.

3. Stick Deodorant with Vitamin E: Try this blend with an antimicrobial trifecta of tea tree, sandalwood and lavender essential oils. And, bonus, the vitamin E will help your skin.

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4. Clay Deodorant: Check out this simple deodorant made with coconut oil and bentonite clay. The addition of the clay may also help absorb some of the sweat. It doesn't act in the same was as an antiperspirant exactly, but can make your pits drier.

5. Natural Ways to Smell Good Without Deodorant: Not into slathering your pits each day? Try these natural ways to destink yourself without any deodorant at all, which include hot yoga and watching what you eat and drink (and therefore, sweat out!).

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